Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has impressed the world with his playing and with his physical fitness in ways that are inspiring more fans to focus on physical fitness. While not everyone can get the same build and form of world soccer stars, you can build a routine to take you to the next level for health, fitness and wellbeing. To design your own workout inspired by this Juventus star, it is important to focus on areas such as the gym, field and pool as well as how your diet and rest routines can improve for more energy, power and endurance.


Many professional athletes, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, use swimming to jumpstart a daily fitness routine with relatively low impact to the joints. Swimming is a cardio workout which focuses on strength, endurance and flexibility. For beginners, finding a local pool offering fitness classes is a good way to start. For the serious swimmer, however, it can pay off to get your own pool for easier access on your schedule. The answer to the question “how much does an inground pool cost” can surprise you for many areas.


Researching the fitness routine of Cristiano shows that he takes how he fuels his body as serious as the training he does in other areas. This means eliminating harmful substances like alcohol and sugary foods, eating high protein meals with wholesome carbs. Drinking water is an important part of fitness for more than just professional soccer stars because it helps build and maintain critical systems as well as lean and powerful muscles. Finding the right combination of foods for your fitness goals is much easier when you think of your food as fuel and how the nutrients aid in building muscles and repairing injuries.


The training that world soccer teams do on the field includes laps and footwork under the eye of team trainers. You can get many of these same benefits from playing recreational ball with your friends or by joining a local club for intramural competitions. You can also find a personal trainer or copy training videos to practice proper footwork, but the cardio and speed training which comes from running is the best place to start. Running around your block or local track can build your endurance and extend your energy for longer training or playing sessions.


When hitting the gym, it is important to keep in mind which muscle groups you want to work on. For athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, speed and agility are more important than heavy lifting, which means less weight and more reps. Soccer relies a lot on the legs and core, but ignoring the upper torso and arms can spell trouble for endurance and overall fitness, which is why rounds on total body machines as well as leg presses and curls should feature heavily in your routine. A personal trainer can help you design the right gym circuit for your fitness level and goals.


While working out to increase strength, endurance and speed are core values to Ronaldo’s routine, so is maintaining a restful schedule and life outside of sport. If you are stressing and running around all day with no time for rest and reflection, it will start to take a toll on your physical and mental health. It is important to find a sleeping routine which works for you as well as healthy ways to rest and destress for your health and wellbeing as well as to maximize the results of your workout routine.

While not everyone can have the talent and physique of world soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, you can be inspired by his fitness routine and design one to fit your lifestyle and increase your health and wellbeing. This means determining what things he does to train, what he uses to fuel his body and even how rest factors into his routine and using those to inspire you on and off the field.