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Maybe you’re a big fan of Major League Soccer and you want to know how to mimic their training, or maybe you’re an MLS player and want to up your game. There are many tried and true methods of training for soccer leagues, but many leagues don’t use a lot of the best tools out there. It’s time for soccer to enter the world of technology. The MLS training schedule works wonderfully in combination with apps, so use some of these suggestions to get your head in the game and become a better player today.

  1. Running Drills 

Drills are a big part of the Major League Soccer training schedule, using popular methods such as “ball and wall” and dribbling practice to make you better prepared to face your challenger one on one. Apps like Soccer Coach Pro can help you design your own drills, or mimic the ones done by MLS players to start your practice off right.

If you’re a more tech savvy individual and you’re running practices for a whole team, you might need something more complex, like kubernetes deployment, to help you power up more than one app at once for your practices. Using apps will keep your training simple and streamlined, and make it easier to progress every day like a real MLS player would.

  1. Coaching 

If you’re trying to design your team’s training around the MLS training method, or you’re an MLS coach yourself, there are some great apps that can help you become a better coach without taking away more of your limited time. Popular boards, such as Football Tactic Board, will help you stay on top of the latest and greatest soccer tactics to teach your team and allow you to design your own tactics for various situations.

This will help your team to visualize in-game solutions for problems that might arise, helping them to be better prepared for their next match. You might also benefit from watching some real life MLS coach talks and seeing how they approach their own problems in the FIFA leagues. After all, the best way to learn how to coach is by learning from other coaches.

  1. Statistics

When you’re trying to train a team like a FIFA league team, you’re going to need a way to record and visualize your team’s statistics in the best possible way. Learning from past playing strategies to make necessary changes all depends on being able to learn from your statistics, so having an app like Soccer Pulse to record your team’s stats is a basic necessity.

This app will help you to get your team ready for any match, and will help you to show them what their stats look like in real time. It also allows you to focus on individual players, helping you to help them track their progress and improve each time they come to practice. Modeling your team after MLS will require a lot of hard work, but an app like this will make it a lot easier.

  1. Goalkeeping

Frequently, your goalkeeper will need extra specific training for their role. To become an MLS-level team, you’ll need to make sure your goalies are at the top of their game when it’s time to play a match. Apps like Goalkeeper Planner and Goalkeeper Trainer will help you come up with new ways to drill your goalies, and will give them ideas for how to practice on their own time. The app allows you to design your own training sessions around your specific needs, making it easy to customize for each specific player. They’ll be able to improve their game in a straightforward way, with no extra work on your part.

These apps aren’t the only thing that makes MLS as good as they are, but they’re a great stepping stone for taking your team to the next level. Use technology to make coaching easier and more effective today.