Playing in the World Cup is every FIFA league player’s dream. But it’s also strenuous, and can leave players with various injuries and weaknesses afterwards. Their muscles get a real beating during the tournaments, and it can be difficult to know how to properly recover each time for the best possible results. This article will explain some of the ways the 2022 players might be using recovery techniques to stay on top of their game.

  1. Decrease Inflammation

Under a lot of stress, muscles can become inflamed, which can cause the soreness and immobility that affects many players after a tournament. Thankfully, there are some tried and true methods for decreasing inflammation. Players in the 2022 World Cup will undoubtedly be using some of these methods to get back on their feet after a match.

Physical methods, such as ice baths and foam rolling, are great ways to decrease the pain from inflammation. The cold ice bath reduces muscle tension and physically cools the muscles’ inflammation, and foam rolling works out the “knots” in the calves and thigh muscles created by time under tension. There are also natural supplements that can be taken to calm inflammation. Naturopaths argue about the significance of curcumin vs turmeric for naturally calming inflammation, but both essentially perform the same service and are a great way to naturally calm your muscles.

  1. Compress While You Decompress

Compression gear has a long standing reputation in the athletic world for being a great way to recover your muscles after a lengthy bout of exercise. Compression socks can even be worn under players’ official game socks, making it easy to begin the recovery process while still on the field. Your body’s natural circulation can be thrown off by the length of time spend on your feet during a game, and blood will need to be prevented from pooling in the body’s lower half. Compression gear helps with this and speeds up recovery time by keeping the circulation on the right track.

  1. Eat the Right Foods

Nutrition is a massive part of being an athlete, and World Cup players know this better than anyone. Protein is the obvious choice for prioritizing, but isn’t the only aspect of a player’s diet that deserves attention. Eating for optimal soccer playing involves choosing the right kinds of carbohydrates to prevent inflammation, while still giving the body the energy it needs to perform well. Rice, for instance, is a great option for FIFA players because it’s a pure starch and won’t cause inflammation.

Fats are also an important part of the diet of a soccer player. They provide support for brain and hormone function, making the players’ minds sharper and improving recovery time. Eating chicken breast will give you protein, but the other macros are equally important for giving players the best possible chance for success.

  1. Rest Effectively

Sleep is the most obvious aspect of rest, but is also maybe the most important. Without proper sleep, players’ muscles will not be able to repair as quickly as they ought, opening them up to possible injury if they play on the still-fatigued muscles. It’s also important that players do a proper cool down routine, after both games and practices, to maintain proper motor function and give the body the elasticity it needs for swift recovery.

Last, but not least, there are some great supplements players will use for recovery, such as L-Tyrosine, that will help your body to avoid producing cortisol, the stress hormone. After a strenuous tournament, FIFA players will need some extra help with recovery, and the right supplements will make their job a lot easier.

Being a pro footballer is about more than just playing well. It’s also about being smart enough to know how to recovery properly, so you’ll be prepared to play your best again and again. A player who takes the time to recover properly has already outsmarted the competition.