Man City football club has been the pride of English football for decades. It has won several awards in different matches. Things have not been different for Sheff Utd which is based in Sheffield city. It’s a legendary club nicked named the blade from the steel production history of Sheffield. In a few days from today, the whole world will be watching the contest between these two giants in the premier league.

The match is set to take place on 26th January 2020 exactly at 19:30. Gambling is at its peak season so you might want to take a look at the odds offered.

The options are wide, there are betting sites like Unibet, where you can easily place your bet in favor of your team. To start betting, you must be of 21 years of age and above. Ensure that you are well informed of the performances and abilities of each team to avoid bearing losses in gambling.

Previous performances of the two matches

Man City has been performing remarkably in the previous matches. For instance, on 12th January 2020, the team scored 6-1 in the match between Aston Villa FC. Still, they beat the legendary Red Devils on Tuesday 7th January 2020 by 3-1. The players seem to have entered the New Year with a determination to crush their opponents.

Sheffield Utd on 10th January beat their opponents West Ham United FC by 1-nil and in another match between them and A.F.C held on 5th January 2020. They won by 2-1. In as much they were beaten by the unbeatable Liverpool on Thursday 2nd Jan 2020 by 2-0. Sheff Utd is still a sports giant. Therefore, the upcoming match may not be a walk in the park for the Man City team.

Past match between Sheff Utd and ManCity

On 29th December 2019, the two giants Mancity and Sheff Utd engaged in a heated match with Manchester City emerging as the winner. The results were 2-Nil. Despite the win, Mancity observed that Sheff Utd is doing very well and are great ball defendants.

In fact, Sheff Utd boss by the name Chris Wilder stated that he has an excellent team despite the defeat. He also added that Man City is a group of fantastic players. The defeat compelled them to put in place higher measures that would see them beat Man City in the future matches. Therefore, to Sheff Utd, the match on 26th is a big deal, a great derby to prove their excellence.

How to hit a correct bet?

Before placing a bet, it normal to have such questions as “what’s the correct score? “

To place the right score, settle for the team in the football premier league with more chances of winning. The premier league football time table will make things easier for you. For instance, in the case of the match between Mancity and Sheff Utd, Man City has more chances of taking the top title home based on their previous performances. Placing a bet in their favor may bring money your way in the long run.