Van Dijk celebrates first goal against Manchester United

Liverpool records 64 points in just 22 games

The future champions of England fly over the Premier League and can’t and won’t be stopped. The last victim was Manchester United. The Reds controlled the first half and battled in the second for another vital three points, 2-0 vs Manchester United.

Liverpool have 64 points, 16 more points than second place Manchester City. They have the best defense in the league with just 14 goals conceded and second offense behind Manchester City. Will they lose one game this season is the last question to remain as the title will comeback tot he Merseyside after a 30 years draught.  

Coach Klopp on another great game by his players

“Good game, really good game. One of the best derbies we played for sure so far. Very dominant in most periods of the game. I didn’t like too much in the first half the last five or seven minutes but nothing happened really, just we were not as dominant as before. We played outstandingly well, we dominated the opponent, we played exactly in the space we had to. When we saw the line-up it was pretty clear what they wanted to do.

The boys used the spaces really well, so dropping a six, being there, high full-backs, being flexible and creating a lot of chances. We scored from the set-piece but had other situations obviously. And then the start of the second half was absolutely brutal – wow. We jumped in and had, I don’t know, three, four chances at least and didn’t score. How it always is and how it often enough was now in that season, the opponent has the chance to come back. That’s what happened. 

We had to defend them. The organization was OK but it’s just about timing then, ‘When do you have the challenges, where do you have the challenges?’. We were a bit late in these moments and that’s why they came through, that’s why they could at least finish their situations off.

But we defend then with a lot of passion and big heart and stuff like this. [We were] carried as well by the atmosphere, which was great. Then the last situation in the game, Alisson Becker, what an assist and then Mo Salah, what a goal. There was a sprint duel of two really quick boys and Mo used his massive experience. Big relief in that moment.

On the Premier League crown

The only thing that I can tell you is that we are here to work. It’s as easy as that. Of course, it is a very positive atmosphere even in the interviews after the game. But, I have to keep myself concentrated in the interviews because I know already we play on Thursday against Wolves.

That’s the truth. To be honest, I am only interested in that game and nothing else. But of course they [the fans] are allowed to dream, to sing, whatever they want – as long as they do their job as well in the moment when we play, all fine. We will not be part of that party yet, but it is not a problem because we know our job.