Liverpool 3-1 Manchester City

In the most anticipated match in the world so far this season, Liverpool made no mistakes by dominating its rivals with an empathic win at Anfield. The Reds entered the game in the best conditions thanks to a splendid strike for an early goal from Fabinho. The Brazilian scored after just 6 minute of matchplay, which is the fastest goal Manchester City had conceded in years that some forecasts like come on odds had predicted.

Furthermore, right before the first quarter mark, Salah doubled the advantage with a precise header, 2-0. Liverpool started the second half with the same determination and Mané scored the third goal to put this game to bed at 3-0. The champions Manchester City will not give up and will get a goal back from Bernardo Silva with 10 minutes left. 

In the standings, Liverpool extended their lead to 9 points over the champions and 8 points over second place Chelsea and Leicester. Liverpool have won 12 out of their first 13 games. After winning the Champions League last season, they aim at another big trophy with the Premier League. The season is still long but Liverpool is showing the world they are the best right now. 

Coach Klopp comments on a glorious night:

“If you want to win against Manchester City, which is really, really difficult for each team in the world, you cannot play the way they play because they are definitely the best in the way they play. It makes no sense. So we have to try to push through our way. In the beginning, not only because of us, it was wild – pressing and pressing, not a lot of clear balls in behind. It was like everybody tried to come in the game but was always under pressure from the other team. But intense from the first second, you could sense it was really important for both teams. Both teams were ready to put a proper shift in and they did.

We scored two incredible goals, had to suffer in moments because of the way City play, but I would say until the 75th minute or around about, when they scored the goal, we could control it in some way. I like the game. I love the atmosphere, it was incredible, people just amazing, against an outstandingly strong opponent. 

On the margin over City:

We don’t feel the pressure, to be 100 per cent honest. Where is the pressure? Look, the things will come up now, we know that. There is a long way to go and lose here a point, lose there a point and stuff like this, what will probably happen. Other people 100 per cent said already from now on Liverpool can only lose it. That’s a very negative approach.

You can see it like this, but we don’t care. I promise you we don’t care. We were today completely focused on this game and not the situation in the table or whatever, how many points we are ahead of City. That’s crazy. Nine points, you cannot imagine that something like this happens, but it is not important because who wants to be first in early November? We want to be first in May and not only in November.” 

Man City conceded their third loss of the season: 

Coach Guardiola on the loss:

“We want to fight until the end. We dropped points for our faults. For other things we cannot control. There is still seven months to go. If Liverpool win title, I will be the first to congratulate them for how good they are.

We showed many times why we are the champions. There are three teams in front with more chance to be champions. We are going to try and in football, you can’t always win,

I’m so proud to see my team play in this stadium against that team that way. What happened today we showed why we were the champions. We faced the strongest team in Europe and the way we played, we played so good.”


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