Premier League week 9 

Manchester United stopped Liverpool’s winning streak with a 1-1 tie at Old Trafford. One of the most amazing series in Premier League’s history came to an end. Indeed not only Liverpool had won the first 8 games of the season, they had won the last 9 games from last season! A total of 51 points taken from that span, purely astonishing stat. 

Still the Reds lead the Premier League with 6 points over Manchester City. For United, the team only won 2 of their first 9 games with just 10 points. Despite a good result, the red devils absolutely need points in a hurry. 

Coach Man United, Solskjaer on the draw: 

I thought one, the boys were fantastic, aggressive, pressing on the front foot. Two, the fans also made it an energetic game, with loads of passion in the crowd. Three, the referee did really well. He let it become a proper football game with tackles.

Even though Liverpool have a very good front three, I thought this was the game if we’re going to create chances, we need more bodies up top. More directness, more runs in behind and the goal was fantastic in that respect.

We were defending a lot in the second half but to concede a cross along the six-yard line is disappointing, especially at the time it happened. We know we have a team that will work together, there’s a great attitude in there. This will turn their season because they’re disappointed in the dressing room. They feel we should have won.

That’s a good sign for a manager, to see the players really disappointed after getting a point against Liverpool. Our fans showed again that they can see what’s happening and we will get there.”

Liverpool found the equalizer with just 5 minutes left in the game, by Lallana, and avoided losing a game they did not deserve to. 

Coach Liverpool, Klopp, on taking a point at Old Trafford

“Pretty much everything went against us, our performance in the first half as well, and we still didn’t get beat and could have won the game. With this part of the assessment I am fine, but with the performance of the first half of course not.

It’s just not how it should be. It’s clear that it’s easier for United in a situation like that, coming here and play 5-3-2 and really properly fight and everybody is happy about that. We were not really there, we did not get the momentum of the first half

We never thought about the 17 games [winning streak] and now we will not now start thinking about the one which we [didn’t win]. We spoke about it already because we have a game on Wednesday. We expect much more from ourselves, but the result is the result of the performance.

We could have won today but it was not like we were really unlucky that we didn’t win. We have to play better football. Today we deserved a point and could have won, but that’s not enough at United.”