Premier League week 22

Aguero signed a hat-trick ay the Newcastle as Manchester City destroyed their opponents 6-1. The win gives City the edge over Leicester for second place behind the untouchable and future champions Liverpool. 

The Argentine forward entered in the history of the Premier League becoming the #1 goal overseas scorer and moved headed of Alan Shearer for the most hat-trick ever in the League.

Head coach, Pep Guardiola, praises his player:

“He was a legend already and that legendary status became bigger tonight. I think he is one of he most incredible players I have seen in this league. I think he is proud of what he has achieved. We said congratulations in the locker room, because to score this amount of goals as a foreign player and score so many hat-tricks means that for many, many years you have done good things.

To achieve this, he had to be consistent for many years and this is an incredible compliment for him. The most important thing is that he is an incredible person. You cannot score this many goals or break so many records if you are not somebody is happy to be with his team-mates.

He has to always be fit to be at his best and he sometimes needs a bit of time after he has been injured or in pre-season. He loves to play football and he is a guy who when he is in the final third always has a goal in his mind.”

The coach on the large win:

“It was good. From the beginning we were always in control. We made a lot of transitions and short passes. It was a great result and good performance.

We played well against United, but they played better in the second half – today it was for the full 90 minutes.

I think we have always been there this season, even when we have lost games like at Norwich, we created lots of chances. But sometimes maybe we lost our incredible focus occasionally and after back to back titles, it is difficult with the reality of everything.

Now we are second and we are going to try and maintain this position until the end of the season.”


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