Premier League week 8:

Arsenal have won 8 games in a row. New coach Unai Emery ultimately found the right formula to bring the best out of his players.

Thanks to a sixth straight Premier League wins, Arsenal go back on top of the top flight only a couple points from the three leaders.

Lacazette and Aubameyang on target

The success of Arsenal is attributable for the most part to both forwards Lacazette  and Aubameyang. The two front players have been exceptional and scored each a brace in the 5-1 victory at Southampton.

Coach Emery on the large victory:

“I don’t think of this performance like it is the best. But it depends each match on how it happens on the pitch in the 90 minutes, when we scored the first goal is the moment we can play with more confidence on the pitch and the opposition maybe didn’t have the mentality to continue pushing because we are okay.

I think 90 minutes and the first half is open, and it was more difficult to defend and we worked very hard and in the second half we imposed ourselves with our possession and we had more capacity to score.

We are happy but we are also calm because we know each match is difficult and today we are happy and we are going to continue with this process with humility and with this victory.

 think every match is different, every match is very difficult. Yes, we are on the table, little by little, giving ourselves a better position for our ideas and our objectives. But I’m thinking of our match against Leicester, at the Emirates, our home, with our supporters.

And I want to give them, when we are playing in our stadium, a special feeling with each match and show them we are playing with our quality, playing together with a winning mentality also. Above all, with the commitment and with the behavior like today.

We lost the first two matches against Manchester City and Chelsea. When we are winning now, continuing in matches, we need to be in the same way. I think our mentality: calm, work, enjoy and enjoy working, together as one thing with our supporters like today.

But improving individually, improving collectively and also finding our best performance in each match and the combinations with the players and the system also. Because, we need to continue improving and we can.”