Premier League week 8:

Chelsea took over first place in the Premier League with the win 3-0 at Southampton. The Blues share first place with Man City and Liverpool.

Hazard was great yet again and the Italian coach, former Napoli, Sarri really put his trademark into his squad. He shares his view post-game:

“We moved the ball very quick: one touch, maximum two touches, and we arrived on goal so easily. I think this is my football. Sure, of course, because I can see my way of football in this situation.

We need to be able to be in control of the match. We can do better in the defensive phase, and sometimes also in the offensive phase.

We did two or three counter-attacks wrong, four against three, or three against two, so we could do better. 

I am really very happy for our fans because our support today was excellent. I am very happy for him. It’s always important for a striker to score.

Also it’s very important the performance. Alvaro played very well in the Europa League and today in the last 30 minutes. I think he can restart easier now.”