Premier League week 8

Liverpool and Manchester City clashed on Sunday but no teams was able to break the deadlock 0-0. It was a very much anticipated match in the Premier League but ended up to be rather defensive and thus disappointing.

Mahrez could have given the win to City but missed the penalty with only 5 minutes to play in the game. The former Leicester City players is having a tough to adapt to his new teammates.

A three way tie on top of the Premier League.

With the tie, three teams share first place in the Premier League, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Liverpool coach Klopp on the point saved:

“It is a very intense, unbelievable challenge to face Manchester City always . I’ve said that before – and as the last game of an intense period, it makes the challenge even bigger. So I am really happy with what the boys did today.

The start in the game was fantastic and I liked it, but if you want to win against City you have to use a few of these half-chances or whatever it is in these moments.

You cannot defend them 100 per cent over 95 minutes. So they will always have their moments. I thought how we defended was brilliant apart from the penalty and one or two situations where we needed Alisson with a really good save.

Man City coach Guardiola on the point taken:

“Well, we tried, the important thing is we tried [to win]. We didn’t concede many shots on target. This is key at Anfield and is quite special in terms of the environment.

From all actions, from corners and free kicks, they’re so tall and are stronger than us but we defended well, the back four was so good in their positions.”

“We played so well, so if you want to analyze the result then the result is ok, we could do better. At the end, the manager has to analyze what we have done when we plan what we have to do, that is the most important thing.

We were consistent, we were solid. As a team you know they would punish our mistakes, and at the back four we controlled it very well. So, it would be better to win at Anfield. But we don’t lose, last season we lost here. This season we draw, maybe next season we win, we will see.”


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