Premier League week 19:

Liverpool came back from behind to destroy its opponents Arsenal [5-1]. Today they became favorites to be champions. Down 1-0 after just 11 minutes, the Reds and Firmino kept the pressure on to score two consecutive goals only a couple minutes after Arsenal’s opener. 

Arsenal defense fell apart

The first half nightmare would continue for the Gunners by conceding another two goals before the break. The game was all but over and Liverpool added another one to concluded a handful afternoon. 

Liverpool coach Klopp does not speak yet of title. He pointed out the quick reaction fro his team:

The reaction [to going behind] was obviously brilliant, absolutely brilliant. We didn’t concede a lot of goals obviously this year so you never know exactly how the reaction will be if you concede one, especially the first in the game, but the reaction was brilliant, just outstanding. We increased the intensity again a little bit, immediately put them under pressure again. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly how it was around the first goal, I saw the goal then but I forgot how it was, but I know the second goal was just brilliant defending.

The [fourth] one was a penalty, Mo in a one-on-one situation going in the box is always difficult for the defender and he finished that off with a fantastic penalty. Then the [other] one I just love because it’s again a goal after a second ball off a set-piece. We pass, pass, then Mo is there and can bring the ball in again and Sadio can finish it. So, good.”

Premier League might be decided next week

Next week Liverpool will visit Man City at Manchester for maybe the most important showdown of the season. City must win to keep title hopes alive. 

“When we went to City last year, do you think I had the table in the dressing room and said, ‘We are fourth, they are first?’ It’s just not important, we wanted to win the game. We wanted to win the game – the league game, which we obviously didn’t do but we wanted to win it that day. I think everyone who remembers it saw that.

The only thing that has changed is that you all ask [about] it, that’s all. It’s not a problem, you can ask what you want. We go to City not with whatever-point distance. We only go there to try to play the best football game we can play. 100 per cent.


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