Manchester City 7-0 Norwich

Manager Pellegrini speaks to the press:

“It was a really great performance, what was extra pleasing is that we played really well during the whole 90 minutes, not just the first-half. Norwich is a very good team, I saw their last two games at Chelsea and Arsenal and they lost both games in the 85th minute or late on, so I didn’t expect to score seven goals but I think the team played well to do it.

“It’s so important to see the team play the way I want them to play. They are very good technical players, when they move the ball so quickly it’s very hard not to play well. Usually a team stops after being 4-0 up at half time but the team kept playing and that’s very important to me.That’s what I want to see.”

On Joe Hart’s being benched:

“My duty is to see every week who is the best player to play. Joe needed a rest, it will be useful for him – he’s played every match for two years. Every player can have a bad moment”.

“I only know that Joe must work very hard and he will have all of the support of me and the goalkeeper coach and the team. He is England’s goalkeeper and I think he will be back.

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