“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”, said the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle.

Pro athletes have dedicated their lives to continuous hard training and taking their body fitness to its peak. Thus, they know a lot more about proper exercising techniques than an average gymthusiast. Gym goers can benefit much by using some of these tips in order to bring their training routines to the next level, increase their agility, flexibility and performance. No matter if you want to slim down or bulk up, feel free to “steal” these great routines from pro athletes, because one can gain an incredible insight from their habits.

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Discipline Yourself

How do you expect to be able to perform when crunch time comes, if you cannot do it when training (without the pressure of competition)? It’s the same with gym time and practice, except crunch time here is everyday life and activities. Taking that extra slice of pizza that someone offers and being unable to get up to go to the gym are practically the same thing, because in both cases you need to self-discipline yourself. Of course, you can eat a slice or stay at home and sleep from time to time, but remember – the cornerstone of good habits is discipline. It takes dedication and hard work to turn something into a habit, so pro athletes know that they need to keep working every day, for years, in order to get the results they desire.

Mental Changes Are Necessary As Well

Diet and exercise are not the only two components related to fitness. For maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, the mental aspect just can’t be ignored. Mental discipline and willpower and needed to get out of bed on a cold and dark morning, as well as ignore all the junk food while shopping in the supermarket. Learn to accept being uncomfortable and take the opportunity to push a bit more each training. Good work ethic, confidence, discipline, and determination to succeed will become apparent in other areas of your life, not just the gym. Being consistent will take you a long way.

Eat Like a Pro

Planning what you eat in a day will make things a lot easier. You will avoid various pitfalls related to eating on the run. If possible, prepare your meals for the week on Sunday. Don’t limit your calorie intake because it is counterproductive. Never work out dehydrated or on an empty stomach, because your body won’t be able to reach its performance peak. Eat a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits and nuts, and keep up with your protein and carb intake. Don’t skip breakfast (you’ve heard that before), eat iron-rich foods (such as leafy green vegetables, fortified cereals, and oatmeal). Eat 20 minutes after a workout in order to provide your body with nutrients required for proper body recovery. Don’t forget you can also turn to trusted gym supplements, like a proper pro, if you feel you need an extra nutritional boost.

Dress Right

This is as important for your workout as bringing water with you to the gym. Quality workout clothes have many functions, related to conditions you will be performing in and for the activity you are performing. For example, if you plan to run in the park on a hot day, wear something loose and with light colors that will prevent heat-related illnesses. On the other hand, cold weather requires clothes that can absorb sweat, and a face mask to protect your lungs from the cold air. Depending on what kind of training you are performing, proper and quality running, swimming, or bodybuilding clothes and gear are more than necessary.

Create an Individualized Training Program

Athletes get better results when they follow a structured training program. It is in our nature to focus on things we are good at, even if they aren’t what we need at the moment. Creating and following a well-designed exercise program with different components of individualization, can decrease injury risk and improve your weaknesses. This kind of training often allows athletes that are less skilled to compete at higher levels.

Follow these pro habits and routines to upgrade your fitness game. However, don’t mistake yourself for a professional athlete and overdo it in the gym, because you can easily get injured. Work on your mental discipline, and follow a previously designed program and meal plan. When you manage this, you will see the results only get better.