If you’ve worn glasses all your life and you’re looking to change things up with your first pair of contact lenses, or if your eye doctor has recommended you try lenses, now’s the time to make the change! Thanks to modern industry and technology, contact lenses have become highly sophisticated eyewear that people rely on for ocular success in their professional and personal lives. Believe it or not many soccer players in the Premier League for example wear contact lenses for their professional career. From affordability to availability, here are five compelling reasons to consider wearing these versatile optical lenses.


When it comes to contact lenses, their price usually depends on the type you seek. For example, daily disposables are typically pricier than monthly disposables. Specialty lenses also tend to be more expensive. However, many product lines such as Warby Parker contact lenses are offering online subscriptions with affordable trials so that you don’t have to commit to a full year’s supply. A low-cost trial is a great way to find the perfect contact lenses.


Soft contact lenses are the most commonly prescribed and worn lenses. While daily wear and overnight lenses are the most popular varieties, other options include two-week and monthly disposables. In the past, wearers often complained about discomfort and dry eyes, but advances in the contact lens industry and contributing technologies mean that soft contact lenses are more comfortable than ever. Plus, developments in lubricating lens solutions have helped to increase lens wearers’ comfort.


Some people are loath to try contacts, thinking that they might compromise their eye health. There’s no need to worry. Contact lenses are more versatile and safer than ever before. However, before you begin your contact lenses search, visit your eye doctor for an eye exam and the prescription that is right for you, your eyes and your overall health.

If you decide to try contact lenses, rest assured that today’s contact lens manufacturers and retailers provide plenty of instruction on lens handling best practices and how to avoid an eye infection. As a rule of thumb, always wash your hands with soap and water, and rinse and dry them with a lint-free cloth before handling your contact lenses. You should also use only commercially manufactured lens solutions and make sure to replace lenses and cases as recommended by manufacturers’ guidelines.


There’s nothing like a great pair of contact lenses to see you through your daily work and activities with the minimum of fuss. They give you the option to go straight from the office to the gym or park without having to think about it. Nor do you have to protect your pesky eyeglasses by removing them or using goggles or a head strap.

When you’re highly active and don’t wish to risk your prescription eyeglasses on the soccer field, bike path or running trail, contact lenses give you the vision you need and great results. For example, world-class goalkeeper David De Gea is one of the players in the Premier League you didn’t know wears contacts. Mario Balotelli and Cristiano Ronaldo are two more of many top-class soccer players that wear contacts.


Thanks to today’s incredible online product availability and choice, finding contact lenses on the internet is easier than ever. Note that you still need to have a valid prescription from your eye doctor, which third-party online retailers must verify before fulfilling an order. When you’re shopping around for the contacts that best fit your prescription needs, it’s a good idea to check if an online retailer accepts health insurance, shipping charges, or special deals and promotions.

If these five reasons have opened your eyes to switching from glasses to contact lenses, browse the internet for more information on products and their benefits. Did you know there’s even a line of decorative eyewear that includes colored contact lenses to change up your look? Just don’t forget that whatever kind of contact lenses you’re looking for, it’s important to consult with your eye doctor first.