Football betting markets play an important role in matched betting. Not only to allow matched bettors to appear as regular punters but also to contribute to an income stream worth £500+ per month for as little as 20 minutes work each day.

Bookmaker sign up offers provide a once-only source of revenue for this totally legitimate, tax-free method of earning extra income and it is the regular promotions for existing customers that provide long term opportunities to make money.

If you are a matched bettor, the trick is to appear just like those losing punters that bookmakers love to encourage. This ensures you are allowed to take part in all promotions and even benefit from exclusive invitational offers.

Keep your accounts open

Don’t make the mistake of using the free bet and forgetting about the bookmaker. Sign up to receive promotional offers and keep your account active by placing regular bets each week. Some of the bets may qualify for an offer,  others may be placed simply to maintain the appearance of a typical football punter. Using matched betting, such bets will cost pennies to place and will guarantee you earn £££s in the longer term.

Bet on your favourite team

Betting on the same team every week is normal for many football fans, usually the team they support. With so many football offers based on live televised matches, it’s a good idea to adopt one of the top four Premier League teams which you know will appear regularly. This also means many of the weekly bets could qualify for a free bet and importantly, it all looks very natural.

Bet favourites in accumulators

Accumulators are the most traditional football bets and probably remain the most popular in terms of number of bets struck.  Accumulators with five or more selections on the day’s hottest favourites make up the majority of these bets. Place £2 or £3 of your matched betting profits on accumulators to help maintain a healthy account. If you stick to five and six team accumulators you should back enough winning accumulators for the true cost to work out at a fraction of the weekly stakes.

Resist taking the best match

Tools like the Odds Matcher at quickly find close matches between the bookmaker and betting exchange. While this valuable time-saver keeps the cost of earning a free bet very low and allows you to extract the highest profit from your free bet, it pays to think twice before going for the most profitable option.

Bookmakers don’t like being cherry picked for the best prices and get very suspicious of punters taking top price on obscure football matches. It can lead to accounts being flagged as bad business and unwanted restrictions being applied. By all means go for good value on high profile football matches but avoid capitalising on mistakes which leave the bookie out of line with the rest of the market.