Upper body strength does not seem like a top fitness priority when you rely on the power and skill in your legs to make a living. Still, a soccer match involves much more than just constant kicking and running. The players do use their hands and torsos throughout the game. Namely, when the battle commences, you use your whole body as a weapon to gain an edge over the opponent. Therefore, upper body strength and stamina have a decisive impact on performance on the soccer field and throughout a career.


A leg up

Although a bulk of training programs focuses on the lower body, neglecting the upper part is linked to various problems. After all, soccer is a high-endurance sport which has evolved much over time. There is quite a bit of physical contact, change of direction, explosive movements, etc. As a result, elite soccer clubs include upper-body strength workout in regular daily routines. They know that you need more than strong legs to propel a body in a forward direction and achieve top speed.

Agile players with developed upper body muscles are superior on the pitch, and they are also able to avoid the perilous muscle strain. They react better when they are sent flying to the ground and have to catch themselves. And of course, when struggling, pulling and pushing for position, the stronger player usually keeps the ball. This is a part of the heavy lifting professionals have to perform, and it often determines the final score. Those who are not well prepared for the trials and tribulation in the modern arenas end up putting up a poor performance or getting injured.

A killer game plan

One of the best ways to sculpt the upper body is to utilize free weights. Provided that the exercise is performed to the point of muscle hypertrophy, the exact weight is of secondary importance. Also, strive to put the focus on shoulders, pecs, back and the trunk. This will do wonders for stability and balance, and makes a difference when going head-to-head with rivals.  Furthermore, note that curls and extensions target biceps and triceps, and that gym equipment such as dumbbells, kettle balls and barbells comes in handy when working on these muscles.

Many other programs put pressure on the deltoids, traps, and other related muscle groups. Thus, some soccer trainers implement a host of exercises in the workout plan: upright and seated rows, bench and overhead presses, pushups, pull-downs, inclines, etc. It is considered that the best programs combine multiple exercises and harness intensity and repetition as the main tools for taking strength to the next level. What is more, there are some interesting and effective alternatives for increasing muscle mass.

Achieving balance

Take boxing for example: it is a demanding physical activity that pumps your upper body strength. Besides that, it is also lively and entertaining, unlike regular exercise. Just remember that regardless of tweaks and modifications, the basics remain the same. A balanced approach requires athletes to focus on the whole body, and also to take a holistic approach to training. Plenty of rest and proper nutrition supply your internal generators for a long season, supporting peak performance, and preventing injury.

Some products in the supplement industry are surrounded by controversy, and have given it a bad name. However, it is not hard to find products that are backed by science, truthful when it comes to label claims, and packed with nutrients you lack in your diet. Legion supplements are one of the proofs that credible manufacturers stick to clinically proven ingredients and dosages. So, fill the nutrient gaps, immerse in relaxation activates, and recharge your batteries often. Leave enough time to build a strong upper body, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for dazzling soccer success.

All in one

Soccer is a total body sport, and as such, it requires all your muscles to function as a single unit. Many soccer performers acknowledge this fact, and work hard on becoming complete athletes, forging their upper body into a great competitive advantage on the field. They never run out of steam, and last longer in the spotlight. They can easily fend off opponents, guard the ball well, and display unparalleled power and explosiveness. Get into strength training, and you will be able to take on any rugged, towering opponent in a duel, and bring your fans thrills on the big day.