Manchester City 2-2 Liverpool

The Premier League clash between two of the best teams in the world didn’t disappoint as both clubs delivered a great game of football – a Premier League classic now. Man city took the lead twice in this game thanks to De Bryune and Gabriel Jesus, but Liverpool came back each time. City could have won the game at the last second when Mahrez chipped the ball over the crossbar.

There are 7 more games to play and Manchester city has a one-point lead over its rivals Liverpool. Both clubs are also and a good posture in the champions league quarterfinals and could meet again in the semis – arguably two of the top three teams in the world!

Coaches reaction:

Pep Guardiola – Man City

It was a fantastic game from both sides. Both teams tried to win every game in the competition. I have the feeling we missed opportunities to beat them, a feeling that we leave them alive.

I said to the team after the game, how good they have done, how proud we are. I think it was a good game for fans around the world. I am so happy with how we played. Normally when you do many, many good things, you can understand why the sadness would be there. I said forget about it. We were ourselves.

We performed incredibly well. We could not win but this is football. That can happen. Every year we are here in the Premier League, we watch Liverpool in the Premier League and Champions League, and we know how they create chances.

We conceded so few and created a lot against them. Maybe for the last single action, we couldn’t do it but in general, I am so proud of my team.

Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool

The football situation around the first goal and when we scored the second goal, both were just top awareness, go there, top finish, and all these kinds of things. Then we had 15 minutes where we were clear, kind of in control but then they got the momentum back. You could see both teams wanted for a minute or two [to] take a deep breath and then go again. A massive game.

in January if we wanted to win it we have to win 18 games and if there is one we can draw it today. We drew and now let’s see. We have now two massive games for us: we have Benfica on Wednesday and City again Saturday and then after that, it really starts, we have to be ready for our derbies.

Yeah, but it’s actually cool, it’s good, we are where we want to be, and we are close to an incredible side.

My boys showed today that we are really, really good as well and I’ve said now a couple of times, if you don’t have luck in life then you are screwed. That’s how it is. We have the situation and we had the situation three years ago; one point behind but that was not a point, it was actually millimeters [that decided the title] here and at Burnley.

That’s the situation and we have no influence on that. We all know that in situations you need, I don’t think luck with ref decisions, but at least the right decisions, all these kinds of things. That’s something that we cannot influence, what we have to be, we have to be pretty much as close to perfection as possible to win seven Premier League games, which is absolutely insane.

But that’s obviously the only way to beat this team if it’s enough because if they win them as well it is different.