The most fascinating summer of soccer in recent years was inspired by major continental championships with more intense and exciting involvements nations participating at international level more than ever. Portugal crowned Euro 2016 cup to gift Ronaldo his glittering moment of international career, while Chile established their legacy as South America’s best football nation when beating Argentina and Messi for the second consecutive year in the final of Copa America Centenario, a new edition. with the European Leagues on the brink of starting new season, all the attentions now has been shifting towards the most fascinating headlines, transfer rumors, team’s preparations and possibly title favorites in the traditional pre-season build-ups. perhaps EPL will signal one of its most inspirational chapter in their history with some major changes and structural revolutions on both managerial pedigree and more competitive rivalries to be emerged. one unique storyline of this season belongs to Manchester clubs with two greatest coaches in the history of this game will leading both United and City to the road of glory in a highly sensational fashion. Pep Guardiola in charge of City will look to establish his coaching legendary in England, while Jose Mourinho as United coach will redefine one of his long-lasting sheer coaching legacy after many challenging seasons. two master tacticians, simply the puritans of football’s most fierce rivalry narratives and perhaps two oldest foes in a very unique chapter of modern history. Pep and Mourinho revolutionized the basis of competiveness, sheer success and glorious tactical masterpiece since last decade that embraced a perfect level of productivity and reputation during their steamy El Clasico era, coaching Barcelona and Real Madrid. they mainly are advocators of sophisticated characteristics and maturities, some of the essential instruments towards delivering a fine collective performance and confidence within the squad. Manchester clubs accordingly are identified with outstanding history and structure as top clubs, equally their incredible past witnessed a fair share of mysterious journey in last few years, United often failed to deliver expectations, being cracked in top level competitions, and off the pitch they occasionally struggled to re-invent a caliber of brilliant generation of game-winning individuals and triumphant coaches to replicate some of the glorious old days, while City experimented a mixed flirtation with extent of promising league success and considerable major inconsistency throughout their campaign. Louis Van Gaal finally stepped down after spell of three seasons in charge as it proved ultimately failure, his team selection always faced difficulty to find ideal set up, his complicated demand of ultra-tactical order, originally focused the blue print of Holland national team formation in deployment of three box-to-box central midfielders with variety of drifting, holding and passing tasks on the back of versatile full-wing back contributions aimed to deliver an extremely dual shape of possession-based approach and defensive counter effort in the heart of sensitive 3-5-2 formation with compact pressing line and quick opening play witnessed several twists of apparently problematic tactical indications on the table rather than integrating a deep structural identity to sustain a needed cohesion seemed so important to re-adapt a desirable formation at the heart of United, but he never truly resolved that missing factors, Rooney was far from a super leader, defense looked very shaky and midfield lacked a real spark to control their game. new coaches have ambitions to primarily emphasize on the development of club’s tactical identity to highest extent, while committing to integrate the most reliable individual’s characteristics, so vital to sustain fluidity and positive vision considered ultimately glorious to win European cup and domestic titles. the fair share of confirming glittering characteristic of these two legendary coaches in highest standards interestingly proves an equally dramatic intense tale of contrast between them in different circumstances. both insist to adapt and execute their philosophy even with numerous number of obstacles and possible challenges their teams often face with less tendency to sacrifice their approach for more far-reaching simplified options. one demands to develop the most entertaining and beautiful attacking style, while the other often masterminds an intelligent counter-attack pressing formation to highest degree of authority with many different teams as we have seen over course of last decade. the most symbolic narratives of coaching legacy inspired by these two men belongs to their astonishing El Clasico era when they were in charge of Barcelona and Real Madrid through the extraordinary chapter of Spanish most intense football rivalry, lasting from 2009 to 2013. Guardiola enjoyed an absolute glorification of trophy-laden journey in winning a total of 19 different competitions during his Barca’s spell, meanwhile Portuguese man famously known by “special one” guided Chelsea in two consecutive league titles, FA Cup back in 2004-05 seasons, confirming him global reputations which was accomplished by his UEFA Champions league winner with Porto football club before moving to London club. he continued this tremendous superiority status at a club level when guiding Inter Milan to three consecutive Italian Serie A titles en route to establishing his last master-piece inspiring Italian Club to win their most prestigious award of 2010 European cup season. rejuvenated Real Madrid’s incredible El Clasico history against their rival in a series of highly dramatic and entertaining battles, sealing La Liga, Copa Del Ray and Spanish Super Cup in a gradual terms as those championships in fact re-shaped the identity of Spanish symbolic storyline from a sole domination picture to more shifting a power for the evidence of crushing Barcelona’s dominance era that lasted about near a decade when ambitiously returned Real to their golden days before leaving the Spain Capital. the ultimately intensified and exciting story of world’s most famous coaching rivalry between Guardiola and Mourinho perhaps will be re-invented in EPL, but further defines an argument with some new questions among the fans; will this rivalry appear be a sensationally transformation of the pure heritages driven from success, drama and passion carried over shoulder of these two coaches aims to repeat its past memories into a remarkably blue print of fresh story or it might essentially suggests the emergence of an strategically showcase to re-develop and inspire English footballs in courtesy of genius of two notorious perfectionists, whom look to establish their outstanding and possibly long-lasting remarks in arguably brilliant coaching battles. Guardiola has confirmed his superb attacking philosophy at his spell with Bayern, in contrary experienced some negative challenges like failed to win European Cup with German club, relatively Mourinho’s dream to inspire Chelsea in his second tenure with seemingly talented squad at his rank was entirely collapsed to largely level of disaster forced him to leave the club midway through the season. Manchester United signed up Ibrahimovich this season, a deal proved literally their immediate search to restore much needed caliber of quality and pedigree in the top level, the vanished fundamental factors on their ranks since post-Ferguson Era up to now. the same assessment considers a potential challenge on Guardiola’s journey like his Portuguese rival in many ways. the masterpiece of tiki-taka philosophy has definitely established a renaissance of modern football in Barcelona and ambitiously aimed to transform the narrative of that heritage to Bayern Munich once took over in 2013-14 season as he fairly applied his masterful principles in leading Bayern to their dominance status in Bundesliga and in European competitions, but fairly his over-committed tendency on extreme possession style in general has shown an eventual path of complicating the ultimate purpose of transitioning Bayern’s dynamic identity into its new style and rather this desire was complicated to highest level of adaptation and his spell and sole mission to win European cup unfortunately ended after their third semi-final exit last season. now let’s wait and see how this fantastic challenge proves the transition from struggling era to most glittering chapter of history

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