Premier League fixture 2: Manchester United 2-0 Southampton

After a victorious start of the season, Man Utd had to confirm at home against Southampton. The game inaugurated the debut of newly signed Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s first home game with his new club. The Swedish scored a brace to secure a win and leads the golden boot rankings. Man Utd and Mourinho can relax for a couple days and watch how their rivals will respond.

Coach Mourinho comment son the solid home victory:

“I’m very happy. I know we cannot play 90 minutes the way we want to. It’s impossible to have that consistency for 90 minutes. In many moments, for long periods in the game, we played offensively like we want to play and were very solid defensively with 10 players defending and not 6, 7 or 8. It was a collective effort so I’m pleased for the boys.”

On Pogba:
“He could play extra-time! He was phenomenal and surrounded by organisation, by vision for the game. Marouane Fellaini was so good. The way the wingers were closing spaces inside. I’m so happy with the organisation of the team. Everything that was individual was superb and the things related to the team he [Pogba] tried very hard to do. When I was thinking he was losing consistency and possession, was when I brought Ander Herrera on to close the defensive door.”

Sir Alex and I exchanged a few ideas about him and I know that he and the club did everything [to keep Pogba in 2012], but the decision was made by other parties,” Jose told journalists during his press conference on Thursday.

“I think it is important that the club aren’t afraid to do what we did,” the boss continued. “Just because you lose a player doesn’t mean that if you get the chance to recover him then you don’t do it. You made one mistake; why would you make the second mistake? We did the mistake only once, so Paul is back and I am really happy to have him back.”

On Zlatan
“If he doesn’t score, the contribution will be there because he can’t score every week. The way he holds the ball, the way he’s a target man and gives stability to the team, I think he was very good again.

Luke [Shaw] and Antonio [Valencia] were offensive when they had to be and very good defensively. They always had very good support from our wingers to close down the opponents. I felt completely at home. I know I’m not a very nice guy, not smiling or waving, but it’s not in my nature. Once I leave the changing room, I get into my game.”

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