Premier League fixture 2: Watford 1-2 Chelsea

The Italian coach Antonion Conte signed a second win with Chelsea to start the season. Two late goals from Diego Costa and Batshuayi turned things around and overcame a 1-0 lead built by the host team. Watford showed a good display but Chelsea was resilient and finished on top.

Coach Conte reacts after the win:

‘It was the same against West Ham. It’s normal because when you push during the game for 70 minutes, usually the opposition pays for their effort.

Usually when new players come on during the game it happens that there is a great impact. I’m pleased for Moses, for Cesc, for Batshuayi because their impact was very good. It’s important for me, this. It shows the great spirit of the team, the right attitude, the right commitment.

I understand when you don’t start the game usually you aren’t happy. The manager must choose the starting XI and then try to find the right solution during the game. We saw this in these two games. I repeat: I’m happy for the commitment and attitude of the players. It shows a good family, a good team.

On Diego Costa: Diego is working very hard like the other players. He can improve a lot with work. He is an important player for us. It’s important for him to always stay concentrated on the game and not think about the other situations.

Also Batshuayi is a young player with great potential who can improve a lot. They can play together not only during the game but also at the start of the game. The start of the season is important to change the situation compared to last season. We know it’s not easy but we are trying with all our strength.

Work always pays off. I know we are very working hard. We will continue to work very hard. Normally these wins are very important to improve, to transfer the work, for our confidence to rise, because after a bad season like last year it’s not easy to start, to win two games. It won’t be easy but I’m pleased it happened.’

If you look now at the Chelsea squad we only have five defenders, and four started the game today. [Ola] Aina is a guy of the Academy, [born in] 96, very good with great potential, but you know with a young player you must work to improve him and put him in the first team.I want to buy the right player for Chelsea, for the present and for the future. A good prospect. It’s important we make a good investment.’

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