A panel of experts from the journal Telegraph in the UK has listed the 100 Barclay’s Premier League greatest players since the creation of the league in 1992.

While a lot of controversy remains for the top 2 spots between Ryan Giggs (632 games, 109 goals, record Premier League 271 assists and 13 titles) and Thierry Henry (record 175 goals with Arsenal).

Manchester United rank with the most players (23), then Arsenal (16) and Liverpool and Chelsea (13 each)

Top is as follows:

1. Ryan Giggs
2. Thierry Henry
3. Roy Keane
4. Alan Shearer
5. Paul Scholes
6. Cristiano Ronaldo
7. Patrick Vieira
8. Eric Cantona
9. Dennis Bergkamp
10. Frank Lampard

See the complete list here: Premier Leagues 100 greatest never players

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