Bitoon Games just launched a brand new game to be played on smartphone and tablets:
Kicks Football Warriors 

Kicks! FW (1)

Short and compelling shooting and saving gameplay combined with attractive aesthetics. Engaging and thrilling real-time multiplayer mode. Single player challenge based career mode with adjusted progression experience.

3d high-definition. Urban distinctive and charismatic players uniqueness. Sharp and tight 2d interface. Art and sound as service to involve the player in a “shootout/versus” atmosphere.

Play against friends. Climb the rankings. Participate in tournaments. Advance in career mode. Unlock players and abilities.

Collect all-star players with unique skills. Engaging and compelling items that further expand gameplay. Purchase & use power ups to catch Out your opponents or complete single player challenges. Consumables: power-ups & special Soccer balls. Personalized stadiums.


Worldwide Reach 
Reach millions of soccer fans worldwide. Release on all the major Platforms including ios, Android, amazon. Cross promotion through Proprietary platforms.

Unlimited shots and blocks 
Experience the pressure of facing the goalie seconds before shooting, or on the contrary, of being responsible for stopping that ball, no matter what it takes… now you can on your Smartphone or Tablet with Soccer Dudes Kicks. You choose! Be the invincible goalie or the unstoppable shooter.

Beat your opponents, improve your game
Wanna take a shot on goal? Kicks! FW (3)
Soccer Dudes Kicks is a goal shooting game with goalkeeper and shooter modes. Impressive visuals surround the player, immerse him on the field and create unparalleled competition. Using your Free 2 Player system, gamers can play against others in real-time since this version includes Duel mode. Gamers from around the world can compete against each other in order to become the best goalie or shooter on the plane.

Optimize your game
Gamers will achieve game enhancements as they progress in Career mode. They will also earn experience and virtual money and eventually earn access to blocked content. Discover everything that Soccer Dudes offers!

The players
Soccer Dudes Kicks players are exceptionally defined, urban and charismatic. Each player is unique with a remarkable personality and special skills and all this with impressive graphics that immerse them in an impressive elite soccer world.

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