Let’s face it, when you’re placing a sports bet, you have the underlying hope and desire that you’ll win. Well, for some people, those hopes became reality and they went on to win huge amounts. So, here we take a look at some of the biggest sports betting wins in history. 

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Peter Edwards Wins £125,000 on a £50 Bet

When Harry Wilson was born, his grandfather Peter Edwards knew that there was something special about him. At just one-year-old, Wilson had a bet placed on him by his grandad. Edwards bet that his grandson would eventually represent Wales as a professional footballer. Not only did Wilson become a successful footballer at the age of 16, but he did go on to represent Wales officially and his 62-year-old grandfather was able to retire quite happily!

Anonymous Punter Wins £200,000 on a £100 Bet

In 2015, Leicester City went on to win the Premier League, which is something that few ever thought would happen in reality. Yet, one anonymous punter had such faith in the team that he wagered £100 on them being victorious. Being the 5000/1 underdogs, things didn’t specifically look positive for Leicester going into it, but the team stunned many with their fairytale story. It also led to this anonymous punter winning a massive pay-out of £200,000 for backing them.

Adrian Hayward Wins £25,000 on a £200 Bet

As a fan of Liverpool Football Club, Adrian Hayward placed a wager in 2005, that midfielder Xabi Alonso would score from his own half at odds of 125-1. Alonso came through with that result in 2006 when during a game against Luton Town, he scored a goal from the opposite end of the field in the closing minutes of the match. That resulted in Liverpool taking home a 5-3 win, while Hayward garnered a massive £25,000 in the process.

Mick Gibbs Wins £157,000 on a £2.50 Bet

In 1999, Mick Gibbs chose to forecast the result of nine football games taking place across Europe. He made a £2.50 bet on those results and with every single one of them coming up trumps, he pocketed £157,000 in winnings from the accumulator. Yet, it wasn’t this football bet that made Gibbs have such a connection with sports betting. In 2001, he went on to place a bet of 30p on a 15-leg accumulator, which had astonishing odds of 1,666,666/1. He predicted the first 14 games correctly and then watched as the final Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Valencia ended in penalties. Munich’s goalkeeping on that occasion managed to win Gibbs a huge figure!