The English Premier League has millions of fans in every continent across the world. However, while every match is always worth watching, derbies usually stand out.

Several derbies take place in the EPL every season. But, there is no doubt that these three are the best and among the finest in the football world.

Manchester Derby: Manchester United vs. Manchester City

Manchester United and Manchester City grounds are only four miles apart, which in itself is a reason for rivalry.

For many years, United dominated the Premier League under Alex Ferguson. They won the league on many occasions at a time when Manchester City offered no real competition, making the Manchester derby a one-sided rivalry.

However, all that has changed since Sheik Mansour took over City in 2008. Mansour has invested millions that have helped the club attract the best players and greatest coaches in recent times. This has turned Manchester City into one of the best teams not only in England but across Europe and the world.

The quality of the two teams now makes the Manchester derby one of the best in the Premier League. Each club is always going for the win to claim the title of the best in Manchester.

North London derby: Arsenal vs. Tottenham

Arsenal vs. Tottenham is one of the most exciting derbies in the EPL. The distance between the two teams playing grounds is about three miles, which explains why the rivalry between fans tends to extend outside the stadium.

Arsenal has always been the strongest side in North London and has even gone to the extent of winning the league title at Tottenham’s White Hart Lane. However, the tables appear to be turning in recent years. Tottenham have managed to finish above Arsenal for several seasons now and seems to be replacing Arsenal in the champions league.

The changing tables have increased the rivalry in North London, and it has become even harder to predict the winner whenever the two teams meet. The reason for this is that both sides usually have equal chances of winning, as is the case when two persons are playing online baccarat.

Merseyside Derby: Liverpool vs. Everton

The distance between Anfield, home to Liverpool, and Everton’s Goodison Park is about a mile. The short distance makes the Merseyside derby one of the fiercest in the Premier League. It is also a derby that has family members split between the two teams.

It is worth noting that achievements between the two teams differ significantly. Liverpool has enjoyed success over the years in the league and European football, unlike their rivals. However, this means little when it comes to the Merseyside derby. Everton players are always giving their best, making a match between the two a must-watch.

In conclusion, Manchester, North London, and the Merseyside derbies are the best in the EPL. There is always fierce rivalry that sometimes extends to outside the stadiums. The three derbies have a highest status such that they can be considered the online baccarat of English football