In times of a lack of physical sporting events taking place, you may wish to turn your attention to alternative options. One of these alternates is to be on virtual sports, but what exactly are they? And how do you go about betting on something virtual?

Well, we’re about to give you a bit more of a personalized look at virtual sports betting and give some advice on how to wager on it.

Virtual sports are essentially electronic games that provide a computer-generated display on a screen of a sporting event. Inspired by real life sports including horse racing and football for example, these virtual sports actually originated from fantasy sports. Not the kind that you find online to bet on, but the sort that were drawn with pencil and paper. Of course, with the introduction of computers, fantasy sports have spread from being something that takes place between friends and acquaintances to worldwide.

It was in 1961 that the first virtual sports came to light, with a very early form of fantasy baseball. This was coded for an IBM 1620 computer, and it allowed two teams to play against one another, utilizing a random number generation (RNG) and player statistics to determine the outcome of a game. There was even a play-by-play description included in it.

Today’s virtual sports are usually given as simulations of sporting events that people can bet on. Over the years, they have become much more popular alternatives to betting on live sports, and with the selection of sports that can be provided in a virtual setting growing, the likelihood is that this will remain the case for some time to come.

How Do You Bet on Virtual Sports?

To be able to wager on any kind of virtual sport, you need to locate an online sportsbook that provides access to such. Various platforms offer this, including Bet365. With Bet365 Virtual Sports, you’ll have a nice choice of sports and events on which to wager. These include horse racing, greyhounds, football, motor racing, speedway, cycling, tennis and trotting. That’s quite the extensive list to choose from, so you won’t be missing out on anything at Bet365. There’s likely to be something for everyone there.

You should basically proceed with bets on virtual sports in the same way as you would with live sports. Similar markets are available for wagering on, including the team that you believe will win and how many goals you believe will be scored etc. Different leagues will even be available for you to navigate through, including the Superleague, Premiership and World Cup.

Once you have placed a bet on your favored team or specific outcome, you will have the option of watching the game unfold in streaming format or just waiting until it’s all over. Depending upon the software used by your chosen online sportsbook, the streaming of the virtual sports can range from being fairly average through to stunning where graphics and animations are concerned. Should your wager prove to be the correct one, you’ll receive a pay-out for it, as you would with normal sports betting.