Liverpool has always tried to retain its title bid in recent games with six wins in a row over the last league matches. And another challenging week and moment are here for this great team. The scheduled game against Watford could be the best response to their opponents. Additionally, it is an ideal way for warming up for the upcoming derby that is 12 days away.

No team can stop Liverpool again

Of course, Saturday, 14th may appear miles off however when this is boiled down, it is actually no time. Every second and each decision here matters because the clock is constantly ticking.

This fixture in Anfield is Liverpool’s game of 2019 and they expect it to be another win over Watford. What is more, it will be a result that is slightly tighter than any other moving the team a step to the title. The previous wins emphasized many things that are now known about them. The giant has a persistent charge and will always find different ways of winning games.

There are a lot of signs showing that things will keep working for Liverpool. However, undoubtedly one thing that may prevent the team from winning this title is in them. This time round not even red cards will cost them, but the only thing is just an example of the errors that can lead to huge calamities.

This result will be remarkable yet everyone is certain that the team will have the same trend the whole season. There is no way it cannot even if the Premier League started this weekend. Liverpool has the spirit of going some points ahead before the season ends without breaking a lot of sweat. Even with this in mind, there have to be an easier way of winning the Premier League title.

Moment of luck this weekend

While this game will be happening in the middle of December, the concern about how the season will end remains. As a result, nearly every bookie extends the goodwill to offer free bets. Of course, there are many offers for free bet sign-ups on several UK bookies that can easily baffle you. For instance, bet with £10 and then get £10 or get an already matched free bet if Liverpool scores more than two goals in the first half.  

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Team of the match

Well, it is greatly possible that both teams get an incredible improvement because there is so much room for that. However the first thing that the champion must do is to simply win the game and make it happen a couple of times. This upcoming game can be recovered again with proper sessions.