Liverpool extend lead to 11 points

Liverpool beat Brighton 2-1 and extend lead to 11 points over Manchester City. More than ever this is Liverpool’s title to lose. The Reds have managed to win 13 out of their first 14 games on the season.

Earlier during the week, Liverpool shared points with Napoli in the Champions League. Today defender Van Dijk scored a brace to give the win to his team. 

Coach Klopp on the win:

None of these 13 games we won were easy, we didn’t feel that for a second. We don’t think it before a game – I am not sure what you think about what I feel before we go into a game, like halfway [there] or something like this. Unfortunately not, I think we are kind of concerned about different things, we are focused and that’s it – then we play the game. It is not that we feel ourselves as favorites in some games.

What we really expect from us is that we fight with all we have for the result and that’s what the boys did again. Result-wise, it is an incredible period for sure, but we don’t want to think about the last 14 games – we actually are concerned about the next one, which is on Wednesday against Everton and is a big one. We have to make sure we are prepared for that because it will be another big fight whatever result Everton will get tomorrow [at Leicester]. It will be really important for both teams, so we have to make sure we’re ready for that again. We don’t think about the points gap or whatever.

People told me tonight already that we are 11 points ahead but Leicester play tomorrow, so it still [could be] eight. That’s how I see it. Not that I don’t think Everton can win there, but Leicester are in an incredible shape. We don’t have to think about these kind of things, we only have to make sure we are ready always – and always for the next game.

We have so much space for improvement it’s incredible, we know that. But the first job we have to do is to win the game and that happened now a couple of times. But we will not stop working on it. Only between Napoli and this game today we couldn’t work on it. We only recovered and played again. Between now and the Everton game, we have one day and maybe a morning on Wednesday for one-and-a-half proper sessions and that’s what we try to use and then hopefully we can do something.