Chelsea 4-0 Tottenham

Mourinho talks to the press:

On the performance
‘I preferred the second half to the first but it was a good game from the beginning,’ said the Portuguese. ‘We were prepared for that and a difficult opponent. In the first half we were calm, no panic or pressure.

‘We weren’t surprised at the way they came here and played, pressing the ball. The reality was that in the first half they had control but didn’t scare us. When you feel they are in control but even when they are in control they are not scaring you, you are calm.

‘You wait for your best moment to come, we know the best moment for us always comes, especially at Stamford Bridge. In the second half we changed our structure a bit, the game was better connected, the distance between the defenders and attackers was smaller because Oscar was filling that space.

‘You can say the first goal was a mistake but you can also say the way Eto’o read the mistake was fantastic and the way he put it through the legs of Lloris was amazing.

‘After that we were in complete control. It was easy to pass, easy to control, easy for our supporters to enjoy and easy for me to be calm against a very good opponent. To get three points was good.’

On what the result does for our top-four ambitions
‘The top four is ours to lose, now we are 13 points from Tottenham and 18 from Man United and Everton. Objective number one, the top four, is in our pocket, now let’s go for objective two, which is the top three and automatic qualification for the Champions League.’

Mourinho still believes it’s advantage Manchester City in the title race
‘If we win the next nine matches we may not be champions. If Man City win the 12 they have they are champions.

‘They have their destiny in their hands, we don’t. It doesn’t depend on us, it depends on them. I just know I would prefer to have my destiny in my own hands.’