2020-21 Premier League season opener 

Liverpool prevails over Leeds in an explosive game with 7 goals and a 4-3 victory for the Premier League champions. 

Leeds are back in top-flight after a 16 years-absence and show they deserve to be there. The team had no fear against the champions and clearly came to play at Anfield. Indeed after 30 minutes the visitors were tied at 2-2 in a very opened first half. Mo Salah, who was the best player on the pitch today, scored the third goal for the 3-2 lead at the break for the home team.  

The visitors would not back down in the second half and found the equalizer by Klich at the 66th. Leeds was well on its way to bring back the first Premier League point in a long time but ultimately conceded a fourth goal on penalty. Leeds showed good promises for the rest of the season and what a game this was to start the 2020-21 Premier League season.

Mo Salah in form

The Egyptian international is in great form and scored a hat-trick on the first game of the season. Two penalties helped his cause but it was a well-rounded performance for the 28-years old forward. 

Coach Klopp on the victory

I’m really happy with the things we did with the ball, to be honest, because it was very difficult as well to play against them with the ball. The way they play, the way they defend, the way they go into challenges was really, really good – and for 95 minutes, by the way.

We played really well around these situations, scored four goals, could and maybe should have scored more because we had really good chances on top of that. So, I’m completely fine with the game. Offensively, it was good; and defensively, we can improve and we will improve. So, let’s carry on.

on Mo Salah:

“He is a very, very special player. The numbers tell the story a little bit, all the rest around you probably don’t know. Today is a very good example. Yes, he put three more goals on his score list but the performance around was absolutely exceptional in a game like this. So he deserved the goals today, 100 per cent. Yes, two were penalties – one was a sensational finish.

He deserved these goals because he was constantly pressing and present, caused the opponent massive problems, was top in one-on-one situations, played football. 

next for Liverpool is a game at Chelsea on 9/20. Chelsea made many strong moves over the summer with hopes to dethrone the champions…