Premier League fixture 27

Liverpool keeps losing. The defending Premier League champions have lost 4 out of their last 5 league games and 5 home straight losses. The latter is a sad record for the Reds that poses the question of Klopp’s future. Will the German coach finish the season on Liverpool‘s bench or will he be soon dismissed from the manager job?

“First and foremost, it’s completely normal and absolutely OK that everybody has an opinion about it”, started the coach.

“We adapt to the situation always. You cannot always adapt to the result or whatever that would mean, I don’t know exactly, but to the situation, to the players we have available, to the circumstances the players are in, the way we want to get stability, the way we have to create.

Of course, we work on finishing as well, so there is always an awful lot to do. There is only little things you only can just let run because they work anyway.

The most important thing is, and I said it last night and I cannot change that now overnight, the thing we have to improve is our decision-making in decisive moments, that’s clear. That’s obvious, I think. With all the few good things we did last night, in the end, I’m not sure 100 per cent on numbers now, Chelsea had more shots on target than we had. Shots on target are not the sign, it’s the goals you score, but it’s a sign. I said it last night, a lot of things were really good but the last pass was not good enough and that killed these situations. We have to work on it and we do that, but in the end it’s football as well, it’s about creating a feeling in the game like a confidence or whatever.

We all have to improve, definitely. You only lose games when you have more potential than the results show. It’s all about the performance, yes, and that’s where we all have to improve”.

On the Premier League

Liverpool is in clear danger of missing Champions League next season unless they win the competition again this year. However their level of play has been underwhelming as the season moves on to its closing stage with decisive games coming up. It is hard to believe this team can repeat and sit on top of Europe of the 7trh time in club’s history. 

Coach Klopp continued:

“I think the most difficult league to stay on top of everything for a long period is England. It could happen and there is one team who maybe has everything for it. The team, obviously the players, the manager, the money and all these kind of things. It’s Man City.

All the rest has to fight with all you have to get closer and when you are close enough. Then maybe you can make what we showed last year. But there is a big difference between the situation we are in now and the situation which could have happened. Coming second or third or whatever in a year when it is not perfect for you I think, for everybody, is absolutely OK and you have the chance to go far in the cup competitions. You have the chance to go as far as possible in the Champions League and all these kind of things”.