Anthony Martial (Man Utd) against Man City

Premier League fixture 26

Manchester City has a 12-point lead over its neighbor and rival Manchester United. The Cityzens can put the Premier League to bed with a win in the derby on Sunday. The leaders and favorites for the league title will host United as the top match of the weekend.

Man City is on terrific run of 20 consecutives wins in all competitions that put them ahead in the league and heavy favorites to win the league. It will only be a one-year hiatus since they last won and they are expecting to take the Premier League title back from Liverpool.  

Guardiola comments on the good stretch of games: 

“We know each other quite well and they know in that moment how demanding I am, we cannot relax for one second. 

As much as we win and as much as we get results, as much we have to demand and be over the players and say we can do better. That is the moment.

This is the moment and when I feel that every player is thinking the job is done or how good it is, these guys are not going to play.

I am so intuitive. I know exactly when the guys are not ready to continue what we need to do. I said before the champions are Liverpool so to do it we still have eight, nine or 10 games and it’s a lot.

Man Utd as outsiders

Man United can still the win the league but would need an incredibly set of circumstances. It starts with a win at Man City. Coach Solskjaer knows the league is made of powerful clubs and tough to win. 

“That’s the Premier League. The pressure has not been there at all. Of course, we enjoyed being as close to the top as possible. That’s the Premier League for you. That’s the quality in the opposition, the quality of the tactics, the standards, the demands of the season.

We’ve played I don’t know how many games, we’re in the Europa League, we’re in the FA Cup, the Premier League and it’s the strangest year of all for everyone. So, pressure? No. That’s the Premier League.