Premier League week 38

Manchester City are back-to-back champions and won their sixth title on the last matchday in Brighton 4-1. Man City finish the season with 98 points with just one point more than Liverpool.

It took the Citizens an amazing 14-game winning streak to close out the season and a battle of ages with Liverpool. Both teams had an amazing season.

City get the double with the League Cup and Liverpool will aim at their first Champions League title since 2005 and a second straight final after losing to Real Madrid 3-1 last year.

Man City coach, Guardiola, on being champions again:

“I think first we have to say congratulations Liverpool as well – and thank you of course – because they helped us to push and improve our standard from last season

To compete with this side, this team, we should do what we have done, so incredible, 198 points since we started two seasons ago here, and we finished here this season, made back-to-back – it has been an incredible season for us.

To win the title we’ve won 14 games in a row, in three months where we couldn’t lose one point, and we did while playing all competitions to the end, it’s incredible to do that.

After the gap went to seven points we thought ‘OK we have to be calm, the Premier League is long’ – but honestly, seven points with this Liverpool playing the way they have this season, of course we talk about going game by game, but it was really difficult.

I think it’s not just my feeling, it’s the feeling of the team and the Club, the players and the staff, this is the toughest Premier League title win that we have won, in my career by far.”

Liverpool coach, Klopp, had some words as the season ends.

“Our season was good as well, a really good season, an unbelievable season. I can read all the stats, I can read all the numbers, it’s just really exceptional. 

I don’t say it will happen next year, 97 points or whatever, maybe it’s not needed, I don’t know. We will come again, 100 per cent. That’s clear. It’s similar; not the same, but it’s similar. The only thing that could have dropped my mood a little bit is if we would have lost today. It would still be a fantastic season, but I wanted to see the boys really try.”


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