2019 UEFA Champions League Final

Liverpool have won their 6th UEFA Champions League trophy since 1977, beating Tottenham 2-0. Early goal from Salah on penalty and a late goal from Origi sealed one of the greatest nights in club’s history. 

The Reds learned from last year when they were defeated in the Final against Real Madrid [3-1] to comeback to this stage, and this time came up with the win. 

Low Level Entertainment

This was not by far the most exciting Final ever. Tottenham could not break the deadlock and Liverpool were very careful defensively letting almost no space for the Spurs forwards to maneuver. Ultimately the North London team got some chances to come back in the game. Tottenham could not impose the same football they did in the past two rounds against Manchester City and Amsterdam. Offensively they remained quiet.

At the end, it was a night for the super sub Divock Origi. The Belgian international, who scored twice in Barcelona’s 4-0 bashing, came in and gave the final push Liverpool FC needed for the win at the 86′. The night will be Red in Madrid. 

Coach Klopp on winning the trophy on his 3rd try:

“It was an intense season with the most beautiful finish I ever could have imagined.

The final is about the result and tonight the boys showed the resilience we needed.

In the end [Alisson] had to make a few saves and looked unbeatable! I don’t want to explain why we won it, I only want to enjoy that we won it.

We’ll celebrate together, we’ll have a sensational night. I feel mostly relief, relief for my family. The last six times we flew on holiday with only a silver medal – it didn’t feel too cool.

Going to Liverpool tomorrow with something to celebrate is big and I’m really looking forward to that.”

Captain Henderson on the importance of Klopp:

“Without this manager, this is impossible. You go through tough times in a season, but what he has done since coming in is unbelievable.

There’s such a togetherness, he has created a special dressing room – all the praise goes to the manager.”


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