Footballers must always be at their physical best when participating in any type of match or practice. They place great demands on their bodies which mean that they must be able to maintain proper nutrition to help them be at their best. Sports nutrition is of vital importance to footballers.

Football matches last 90 minutes. During which time, players must run and often sprint. They must be mentally sharp as well. Therefore to play at this high level, footballers must make sure they are obtaining the appropriate amount of certain nutrients to fuel their bodies. There are certain requirements of sports nutrition for footballers.

To maintain proper nutrition, a footballer’s diet should be high in energy. This helps provide enough energy for play as well as promotes muscle gain. Most footballers simply do not obtain enough energy from diet alone. They often use energy supplements. Carbohydrates are important as they aid in exercise performance, training recovery and muscle gain.

Many footballers believe that whey protein powder should also be consumed in equal proportions to carbohydrates. This is actually false. A footballer should only consume moderate amounts of protein. It is not necessary to consume massive amounts of protein. Protein is not the main source of energy for physical activity. Carbohydrates are more important for this. It is also important that a footballers’ diet not have too much fat in it. Healthier fats are fine, however.

Proper hydration is another key aspect of sports nutrition for a footballer. During times of high physical exertion the body will become overheated. As a result, it will perspire which results in fluid loss. It is important that fluids be replaced quickly to prevent dehydration which can adversely affect strength, endurance, reaction times and concentration. The best options are water or sports drinks designed for this purpose.