You may wonder why footballers have to be paid so much money for just kicking a ball around the field for ninety minutes. Typically it sounds outrageous, yes, but you don’t want to know the sacrifices which these young men go through. It is not as easy as scooping jackpot. Before we even dig deeper, remember footballers have agents who, of course, have their cut-offs in every pay, attorneys, debauchery entourage, and family members to take care of. Once a footballer elevates his life to an absolute lushness commitment, then he has to find a way of maintaining that, either by hook or crook.

Moreover, footballers don’t get paid for training allowance or salary when they make appearances for their national teams unless they win a coveted title.

So, do you want to know why footballers have fat checks on deposits every week? Here are the top five ways in which the likes of Mbappé and Ronaldo use to fiancé their opulent lifestyles:


Do you know why footballers live private lives in secured mansions? You may also wonder why you see most of them in designer stuff only. Well, if you are a footballer with a sellout profile, you will earn from most of the things you do in life like driving certain cars, wearing specific brands, playing in particular boots, or even drinking particular champagne in public! Well, here is where the kinds of Neymar make millions for playing in Nike boots. It would be best if you also remembered when Beckham pocketed $11 million a year for playing in Adidas boots.

Coaching and punditry

A footballer plays football for almost all their lives. Maybe they just bond differently with soccer, because even after hanging the boots, most players will either run into coaching or punditry to help you stake a winning bet. For the latter, not many people make it because not all footballers are bodacious speech-wise. We’ve, however, witnessed several footballers who turned coaches after retiring. The likes of Zinedine Zidane, Alex Ferguson, and Rafa Benitez are good examples of players cum coaches who earn between £7 million and £15 million annually.


While not all players will make their investments publicly, notable footballers cum property moguls like Robbie Fowler are never afraid to share their stories. Robbie was a Liverpool striker who had investments around the city in terms of properties to the tune of £31 million. Well, that some pretty source of income for a footballer other than the primary salary.


Unlike other professions, footballers retire quite early, say at the age of thirty-five or thereabout. Please take into account these people spent their last two decades before retiring affording anything in life literally and driving around posh automobiles. Other than the other investments, most players will write autobiographies that sell largely because they are already self-made icons. Most players will narrate their experiences in winning titles and playing against other legendaries. Remember, an autobiography pays until the next generations of a footballer in terms or royalties. Players like Johan Cruyff and Ian Wright still earn from My Turn and A Life in Football up to date.


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