Tottenham and Leipzig in the Champions League Round of 16

Champions League Round of 16.

Tottenham lost to Leipzig at home 1-0 from a penalty converted by Werner at the 58′ minutes. The Spurs were largely dominated the all game by a valiant German team playing a uptempo football. The visitors played without fear and deserved the win in London. 

Mourinho is indeed missing two of his best players in Harry Kane and Son Heung-min but also defined his team as a gun without bullet [post-game against Leipzig]. Tottenham barely had any shots on goal and GK Lloris made several heroics saves to preserve a chance in this tie.

The last year runner-up is behind the wall. They will have to fight in Germany if they are to move onto the quarterfinal stage this season. 

Jose Mourinho is commenting on the loss:

“1-0 is 1-0, it’s not 10-0, the result is open, it’s as simple as that. We wouldn’t be the first team to lose a game at home 1-0 and to win the tie away. Why shouldn’t we believe?

“You can tell me we had luck in some moments, I disagree. We had a great goalkeeper who made two magnificent saves and that is not luck, that is an amazing goalkeeper. Their goalkeeper also made a couple of fantastic saves. We had our chances and we tried everything we could.

“The thing that keeps me confident is the spirit, the mentality of my players, it’s what they are not just as players, but especially what they are as guys, as a group, a fantastic group of players.

“I’m so, so proud of the players and in speaking about the Champions League and the next match against Leipzig, one thing I can guarantee, because this is the mentality of my players, is that we are going there to fight to our limits.”


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