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Let’s have a look at what’s hot and what’s not with a round-up of favourite team songs and anything else wholly ridiculous we can throw into the mix. Informative maybe? Funny, I hope so, silly, probably.

Here’s a roundup of 10 of the good, bad and downright ugly and a few extra details

1 – The Chicago Bulls had a ridiculous song for the games in 1992 called “Coffee Pot” with the chorus of “it’s time for the percolator” you can only presume a coffee company was sponsoring this band. Just in case you want to download it, Cajmere sang it, and he works at Starbucks part-time (joke)

2 – American football would not be the same without Daft Punk and “one more time” personally I think this fabulous and would be happy to hear it, one more time.

3 – The next one is also great, as a fan of the Pixar film Masagca you will be familiar with this anthem – by Reel 2 Reel “I like to move it”. This musical number plays at every stadium and almost all sports.

4- Again for the Chicago Bulls and “everybody dance now” C+C Music Factory hit from 2006 the song is excellent, but the dancing leaves a lot to be desired.

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5- A classic in every way, James Brown “get up offa that thing” a 1976 banger and again a classic at ice hockey, American football games and also Rugby. That one never gets old.

6 – The Brooklyn Nets used the re-worked Elvis classic to get the effect. “A little less conversation” the song was so fruitful it’s played all the time and not just at football games.

7 – LA Rams and “let’s ram it” – just because you can speak English doesn’t mean you understand it. This misguided song suggests to fans “ ramming all day and all night” is that a good idea? Stop and think about it, do you want your granny singing that out loud?

8 – The 80’s anyone? John Mellencamp and “r.o.c.k in the USA” at any baseball game, is okay, just a bit boring, maybe not for Mellencamp just for the rest of us.

9 – Terrible songs include “Fog on the Tyne” by Paul Gascoigne and “Do the Right Thing” By Ian Wright in 1993 for UK football. Proving that just because you can doesn’t mean you should!

10- All I can say is YMCA – the village people. No. no and no! YMCA is terrible in any setting, not just at the game.

As you can tell, we must do better so here’s how you can write your team song, so here are some suggestions.

Breaking this down step by step, let’s look at the most up-to-date software available, starting with Hookpad.

Hookpad is a powerful songwriting tool for those who have a little knowledge of music theory. But regardless of your skill or expertise, Hookpad helps you to hit the ground running and create a masterful anthem.

According to the website, Hookpad is designed around the Nashville number system of transcribing music. Offering melody suggestions, highlighting chords and rhythms that go together, Hookpad also provides a choice of virtual instruments to play on your track.

So that’s the music sorted, now the lyrics, try Masterwriter – this songwriting tool features a database of all information for recording a song, copyright information and, of course, publishing details.

But the real deal about this software is the rhyming dictionary, thesaurus and dictionary. So you suggest a sequence and the software says yes or no. Put everything together with Ableton Suite, and this software is both music and words, almost a combination of Hookpad and Masterwriter. The most popular songwriting tool of the 21st century.

Ableton Suite works in both songwriting and production mode, and it’s an interface and sampler blended. It’s possible to make multiple recordings and the possibility to combine live music and recordings make this software very popular.

So you’ve checked out the old songs, and you’ve made a new one now you need a Gif and your set up.

Firstly, what is a gif? Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format and used in social media, and It’s the funny moving images or film shots. These animated gifs you can make on your phone. Use the step-by-step online guide to help. These are fun, but memes can go viral.

A meme is a funny picture that usually has a special flashing or moving graphics that are used on social media and are nearly always topical. American football gifs are particularly amusing, remember Eric Decker tackles himself or when Janet Jackson loses her underwear at the Superbowl.

So draw up a chair, make some popcorn, football season is about to start, whether you stateside or in the UK as everyone knows the luck is in the draw. Good Luck sports fans!