Online betting has become a very popular pastime over the last 20 years. There is no doubt the number of people choosing to bet online has risen dramatically in recent times. Perhaps this has come to the detriment of traditional betting shops but why is online betting so popular?

Perhaps the main reason why online betting is so popular is purely down to convenience. Prior to the introduction of online sports bookies, anyone who fancied placing a bet on the days sporting action would have to make a trip to their local betting shop. For some, especially those who did not live in cities or large towns, this often meant making a car journey. However, thanks to the introduction of the internet and online bookmakers, it is possible to place a bet from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to the above, online betting has become so popular because it is also possible to place a bet using a mobile phone or tablet. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you happen to be, with just a few taps of the screen you can place a bet on a huge number of sporting events.

When betting online it is very easy to compare the value of odds at one bookmaker with another. That means you can find the best odds for the event on which you would like to bet quickly. Due to the fact they are so many different online bookmakers to choose from it means you will have a wide range of odds on the same event and can pick the best available.

Bonuses play a huge role when it comes to online betting. Almost every online sportsbook will have a bonus of some description available for new players. Some of these bonuses will be more tempting than others but you are not restricted to using just one online bookmaker. You are within your rights to open an account at as many as you like and therefore it is possible to make use of all the promotions available to you online. Welcome bonuses are the main promotions run by most online betting websites. However, some also run additional promotions throughout the year plus offer VIP programs which often come with a wide range of benefits.

The variety of sports and betting markets available online is unlike anything we have seen before. Whether you would like to bet on an English Premier League football match or a ski jumping event taking place in Norway, you can do it by using an online bookmaker. If you like, you can even bet on professional video game competitions, including sports games, which was unthinkable just a decade ago.

Then we come to the live aspect of betting online. One of the reasons why online betting is so popular is because of the ability to place a bet on a sporting event while it is taking place. So, you can wait until the action has started, follow how the match is developing and then place a bet accordingly. You may even be able to watch the action unfold live on the betting website and this is another great reason why they have become so popular.