The SheBelieves Cup is an annual women’s soccer tournament featuring four of the most elite, top-ranked teams in the world. This year, the U.S. National Women’s Team will host the event at Exploria Stadium in Orlando, Florida, and spotlights teams from Japan, Brazil, and Canada. The tournament is a fundamental component of U.S. Soccer’s SheBelieves foundation, aiming to motivate and inspire women to accomplish their goals in athletics and life. The tournament attracts millions of viewers from across the globe. Familiarizing yourself with facts before the event will lead to excited anticipation and an invested interest in this empowering female soccer extravaganza.


Due to the 1-year delay in the 2020 summer Olympics, the SheBelieves Cup will take place slightly earlier in the year than usual, allowing the women time to prepare for their Olympic appearance in Tokyo in August 2021.

Under soccer field maintenance guidelines, Explora Stadium will be carefully inspected before the tournament. The turf will be assessed, and the field’s commercial utilities company will be contacted to ensure all field services are functioning properly. Only a small, finite number of game tickets will be made available to the public this year; however, all games will be fully aired on cable television’s Fox Sports Net channel.


While the U.S. Women’s National Team currently holds the top title, the three remaining teams rank among the world’s top squads. Canada and Brazil are presently tied for eighth place while Japan maintains the tenth spot. Each team will play three doubleheader matches and is awarded points for wins and ties. The winner of the tournament is the team achieving the highest number of points overall. Undoubtedly, the fierce, skillful competition will provide fans with highly entertaining, excellent soccer viewing.

SheBelieves Initiative

Before the World Cup in 2015, the U.S. team founded the SheBelieves initiative to inspire young girls and women to fight for their goals. The foundation continues to grow in strength, as its influential message has helped females everywhere learn to trust and believe in themselves. The SheBelieves Cup is part of several components in the comprehensive initiative. Also included is a division connecting young, professional leaders in sports. Additionally, an online education application is available to assist women in business. Yet another portion of the foundation involves a coach mentorship program designed to expand the number of female coaches in the U.S. Finally, each year a SheBelieves Hero is selected from a pool of young, deserving candidates who epitomize the SheBelieves message. The winner is awarded tickets to a U.S. National Women’s Team game and a VIP experience with the players.


At the event’s conclusion, the tournament’s most exceptional player receives an MVP trophy. Typically, this player is voted on by the elected selections committee; however, this year fans will also be able to cast their votes online. Be sure to consult the SheBelieves website to determine how and when to vote for your favorite athlete.


It has been one year since the U.S. has faced both Japan and Canada. Each matchup resulted in a win for America, and the game against Japan resulted in a SheBelieves Cup trophy for the U.S. This year will be Canada’s SheBelieves Cup debut, while both Brazil and Japan have appeared in the past. The U.S. National Women’s Team has faced Canada a total of 61 times, making them their most common opponent. Japan is not far behind with 40 matches against the U.S., and Brazil brings up the rear with 38 U.S meetings.

With a strong, motivating message and remarkable, world-class athletics, the SheBelieves Cup is a truly remarkable sporting event. While the tournament is enjoyable for people of all ages and genders, it is particularly special for young female athletes. The goal of the U.S. Women’s National Team is to inspire the next generation of women to fight for their future and achieve their dreams. Like the players on the field, the hope is that young women feel empowered to believe in themselves and always strive to reach their goals.