Are you tired of missing goals or failing to score the final point? Do you want to master FIFA, slaying opponents and prove that you are the ultimate player? Then, it’s time to learn more about the system, understanding how a little knowledge and skill practice could elevate your plays.

Like joining a team, you get better through coaching and repetition, but the two must work together to move forward. Otherwise, you’re just kicking goal after goal without any improvement. So, dedicate yourself to understanding the game itself. Rely on the following five tips to bolster your skill level, sending you to the top.

1. Ask Questions

Do you have to figure it out on your own? Is everything a mystery that you have to work out individually? No. Many people play FIFA, and they too may struggle with similar concerns. While you can continue to question and probe to locate solutions to your complex tasks, other players may have suggestions that could alleviate your struggles.

First and foremost, reach out to other players. The FIFA online help desk allows you to connect with the online community, seeking answers to some of your most challenging questions. Find out how to improve maneuvers or last longer.

2. Learn Defensive Moves

It’s not all about speed and goals. Sometimes you have to play on the defense. With that in mind, understand how to use jockeying to your advantage. There could be times when you need to get in between the opponent and the goal, keeping the ball from getting into the net. Use the LT/L2 button to gain a lower position. This action should make it harder for the opposing team to get past you.

3. Study Players

On the field, players bring their skillset to the game. Some print exceptionally well. Others prove valuable in goal kicks. Some others may possess a keen ability to defend. When you select players, be sure you understand the statistics for them. Learn about each of them, reading up on what they do best.

You should consider several factors. What is the player’s speed? How is the person’s footwork? Is the person kicking with the left or right foot? This information proves significant with placement and expectation. Read over skills ratings to determine who you would work best with headers, crossing and other plays. Put their strengths to good use at the appropriate times.

4. Understand the Field

Are you focused on the person with the ball or what is happening on the entire field? You need a broad perspective to know where to head; otherwise, you may miss open players or prime positioning. Turn on the radar feature. With it active, you can see all 22 players, allowing you to better your playing plans.

5. Use Strategy

Consider your approach to players and situations by learning more about outthinking the other players. Learn key moves that get you out of tricky situations. Watch videos to test out different plays, understanding which buttons assist with various tricks.

For instance, do you want to confuse the goalie? Do you need to elevate that score? Then, consider how you try to get the ball into the net? Go low, holding both the shoulder buttons down with the shooting button. If the keeper is on the left, go to the right, focusing on the post as your target. 

What if the keeper isn’t on one side? Then, be prepared. Go around the goalie and use a finesse shot. You’ll need to know which player is good at the striker position. They often can sneak around easier.

Don’t stall in your FIFA success. Instead, study up on the system and players. Consider reaching out to others, asking questions that could boost your steps. Also, remember the more you know your players, the better you can use their strengths. Strive to improve your defense and scoring tactics. Put these steps together to get the most of your gaming experience.