In areas of the world where soccer is popular, professional players are big stars with huge salaries. A lot of their time is spent playing their sport and traveling to different matches. However, they do get downtime, and when they aren’t playing and traveling, soccer players find different ways of staying in shape and otherwise amusing themselves.

Playing Online Games

There are a wide variety of games available to play online. Some are just for fun, such as an online escape room, and others can be played to win money or prizes, such as online poker. There are also virtual FIFA soccer games, and professional players may try these just for their novelty. Other types of online games that soccer players may enjoy include arcade games, roleplaying games, virtual versions of board games, and action and adventure games.


Listening to Music

Listening to music is a good way to unwind, and soccer players may make use of it when they have downtime. Since listening to music is a passive activity in itself, some may multitask by listening to music while carrying out training or other activities. Like most people, soccer players have eclectic tastes in music. Some may even play a musical instrument, such as guitar, piano, or drums, as a hobby.



Dancing is another way to enjoy music. It can also be a social activity when players gather with groups of friends to go to a club. The player’s cultural background may influence the type of dance they do. For example, Brazilian players may do the samba, which is a popular dance in Brazil. However, just like most other people, some don’t know any specific dance steps and just let the music move them in a way that feels right.



There are a lot of top soccer players who enjoy fishing, such as David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. Many may enjoy deep-sea fishing, perhaps on their own boats, but others may enjoy freshwater fishing. Catching fish can be a quiet, contemplative activity that requires patience and stillness. It is very different from the frenzy of the soccer pitch, which may be why soccer players seek it out when they need a change of scenery.



Golf is an extremely popular sport, and many athletes in other disciplines take it up as a hobby. This includes some professional soccer players. Golf requires skill, discipline, and intense concentration. However, it is also a good opportunity to take a quiet stroll in the open air and socialize with small groups of friends, which may be why soccer players enjoy it.


Training and Exercising

Of course, like other athletes, soccer players have to stay in peak physical condition, so they spend a lot of time working out to condition their bodies and training to keep their skills sharp. Cross-training involves doing different exercises to work various areas of the body. It is a valuable technique in soccer and many other sports. While activities such as dancing and golf provide a certain level of exercise, soccer players in training are more likely to do things like weightlifting and agility exercises.



One effect of exercise and training is that it helps one to develop a highly toned and sculpted body. Some soccer players take advantage of this by modeling when they aren’t busy playing. It allows them to bring in some extra money and raise their public profile. As with most professional athletes, soccer players can make money above and beyond their salaries by endorsing certain products in advertisements.



Some soccer players make an effort to give back to their communities. They offer money to local charities and sometimes work at food banks. Some do this in a way that avoids drawing attention to themselves, such as delivering food packages late at night.

In some ways, the life of a professional soccer player may seem very far removed from that of ordinary people. In other ways, however, they are not so different.