Premier League: Manchester City 4-1 Tottenham Hotspur 

This is 16th consecutive victory for Manchester City in the Premier League, 52 points out of 54 possible. The Citizens continue to pulverize all top flight records and have no rivals whatsoever. Today’s victim was Tottenham and they conceded four goals . The question is now when Manchester City will they be crowned champions? There is no way this title goes to another team unless the  Citizens start losing games! This season they were defeated only once in the Champions  League 2-1 at Donetsk, Ukraine. This is the most incredible run ever. Will they lose a game in the Premier League this year? Remember Arsenal and their invincible team? Here is the 2.0 version of 2017.

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Coach Guardiola comments on the easy win: 

“I can just say thank you to all my players, especially Kevin. He is one of the most talented players and you see how he runs without the ball. He’s a good example for the young players, for our Academy, for Phil Foden, for Brahim Diaz, for the young players. They know how good De Bruyne is, and when they see how he runs and fights without the ball, that is the best example.

He helps us to be a better Club for the future. His performance today – I have no words to describe. With the ball so many assists, shift plays, all the time he was playing with his head, and overall without the ball he was able to pressure the goalkeeper. When that happens the people who are behind him feel they have to run like him. And after that a team like Tottenham, who are able to play so well, we minimized their situations.

I’m proud of my staff because it was in three teams (runs like this have happened). We work a lot, the players know that. We’ll review the game tomorrow, I’ll speak with the players individually and all together, to see what good we did and any mistakes. And work.

It’s happened as well because I was with three amazing clubs, Barca, Bayern and this one. All three clubs they support me, and provide outstanding players. Without that it’s impossible.”