European Qualifiers 2020

The Euro 2020 qualifiers resumed. Turkey outrageously dominated a terrible French team 2-0. The World Champions poorly played and suffered their first defeat in a while and are second in their group. 

The Turk were terrific all game long and would have deserved to scored another goal if goalkeeper Lloris had not made a couple great saves. Mbappé and Griezmann did not do anything on the pitch. Pogba was lethargic alike the rest of the players in Turkey. 

France offered nothing worthy of World champions level and will now have to battle to regain first place. Turkey lead the group with 3 wins as many games played. Coach Deschamps will gave demotivate his squad as they play again away from home in Andorra where they must win to stay in contact with top places.

Coach Deschamps on the loss:

“When you play like that on a collective level there is nothing positive you can take from the game.

We didn’t put in the match we needed to against a team that played their game. That’s top-level football and it’s the same whether you are world champions or not.“