USA 0-3 Venezuela 

The United States Men’s National Teams are clowns. In preparation of the Gold Cup, they lost their two games against two superpowers in the world football – Jamaica [1-0] and Venezuela [3-0]. No offense to the brilliance from the Jamaicans and the Venezuelans, but the Americans have the talent to score at least a goal in each match. On the contrary they displayed a poor, terrible and lethargic performance. Are we getting worst than the Trinidad and Tobago debacle?

US Soccer’s website barely talks about their main national team. Indeed they know better and there is no reason to highlight a team that does not honor the jersey.

On the contrary the Women’s National Team are taking on Thailand to start their 2019 World Cup campaign in France as the heavy favorites to repeat. Also US Soccer talk about the U20 team. The Youth team fared very well in the u20 World Cup and ultimately fell to South American champions Ecuador 2-1. If bad results continue, the USMNT will start drifting people away to other teams or sports. Americans do not want to be associated with losers and a Men’s team that brought only mockery and shame the past two years. 

Will coach Berhalter last? Can the USMNT win Gold Cup? It seems only the victory in the competition will restore some faith in his team that may have reached again rock-bottom in people’s mind.

Berhalter comments on the loss as Gold Cup begins next week

“The guys are one step closer to where they need to be. And we’ll use the rest of the week to finish off. Obviously, you know, I know what the narrative is going to be, that we have no chance, and that we’re going to lose and maybe not even make out of the first round. That’s fine.

When we gave up the goals, I didn’t love the response. And the second thing would be, I don’t feel like for 90 minutes, we competed on the level that we need to compete on. I think we need the mentality.

Understanding that it’s hot and understanding that the guys, you know, some of them played 90 minutes every week for the last month. Some had been on vacation, and we’re getting everyone to where they need to be, but you still want more competitiveness.

We need to look at the game. look at what we need to improve on and then set out to do it.”