2019 UEFA Nations League

Portugal won at the home the first ever UEFA Nations League. The new competition implemented by UEFA saw four teams to play for the trophy with the Final Four organized in Portugal. In the semifinals, Portugal beat Switzerland 3-1 and Netherlands won 3-1 against England. The final between Portugal and Netherlands saw the host country beat the Dutch 1-0 to lift the trophy.

Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo make history with first ever win. The forward add another line in his illustrious career. This is the second trophy he wins with his country after the Euro 2016.

Cristiano Ronaldo comments on winning another trophy:

A lot of happiness! It was excellent, I’m very happy. Having won this trophy here in Portugal in front of the Portuguese people, for me this is a great honour.

I’m very happy to win here. The Portuguese people deserve it. They’ve supported us right from the start of the two matches, against Switzerland and today, and this trophy is for all of them. It doesn’t belong to the national team but all of Portugal.

The national team will continue, with or without Cristiano. I think the team has great potential. There are young players, players who over the years will become more mature and better.

I want to be part of this project because I feel good and I feel able to help the national team. But, as I said, I think the national team has the potential to continue to evolve and win more trophies.