blue and grey soccer ball on green field under white and blue sky during daytime

These days, sustainability is an important factor to consider. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual, the actions that you take to help the environment can have a lasting impact on the future of the planet. Still, people with more power and control tend to have the ability to do far more through their decisions. Those who own professional sports teams or giant stadiums, for example, are in a position to help the planet in truly significant ways. The actions taken by major soccer leagues over the last few years help to illustrate this point.


From changing how the stadiums consume energy to exploring waste management systems, there are all sorts of interesting moves being made by those with the power to make a difference. Take a look at how professional soccer leagues are tackling the environmental crisis and see what can be accomplished with a few small adjustments.


Evaluate Vendor Contracts

First and foremost, soccer leagues do not exist in a vacuum. From the sponsors to the investors, there are plenty of people and organizations involved in each season. The old saying of “be careful of the company you keep” can be important to remember when it comes to the relationships forged in the business world. Soccer leagues are affiliated with plenty of other businesses across a multitude of industries. If you work with organizations that cause a negative impact on the environment, it will serve as a reflection on you.


One way that soccer leagues are fighting global warming and other environmental issues is by taking time to really deliberate which vendors are worth working with. You might be locked into long-term contracts with some vendors, but shopping around for better options now is an excellent way to find suitable replacements when the contracts are up. Find vendors who sell products and concessions that have a low impact on the planet and it can do wonders for how your league is perceived by the public.


Consider Energy Alternatives 

Soccer games require a lot of electricity. Whether being played during the day or at night, a stadium can be an incredibly large structure to try and power. From the flood lights that wash the entire field in a bright glow to the bulbs that are found in utility closets around the building, you absolutely want to think about how sustainable your current energy option is. In many cases, energy waste is one of the top contributors when it comes to the current environmental crisis the world is facing.


To remedy this and put your league in a better position for the future, it can be useful to consider alternatives. Solar energy has fast become one of the top choices for those opting for sustainable measures. Take time to look into what makes for the best solar panels and it can help point you in the right direction. With a little research, you’ll discover that solar energy is cheaper, cleaner, and more manageable than traditional energy options. Helping the planet is great, but saving money will make everyone involved with your league ecstatic.


Tackle Waste Management

Soccer games tend to produce a lot of waste. From the concession wrappers to the random bits left behind by fans after the last goal has been scored, garbage tends to litter the entire stadium. Instead of constantly sending truck after truck of garbage to local dumps, finding a more sustainable way of managing waste can be a better option. Again, specific contracts with your current disposal team might get in the way at first. However, it is still easy to shop around and find an alternative after the contract expires.


From adding solar panels to the stadium to figuring out which concession vendors follow sustainable practices, there are many ways for a major soccer team to go green. Take time to consider other options and learn more about how you can make a difference in this world through your actions.