The Scottish Premier League (SPL) revealed it’s fixture list for the upcoming 2012/13 season earlier today and as expected

SPL Club 12

and leaked yesterday, ‘Club 12’ has taken the place of Rangers FC for the time being, until a decision can be made as to whether or not to accept the newco’s transfer of ownership & registration back into the top flight or not.

by Marc Roseblade

As with anything else administration related, this process has dragged out over the past few weeks and when Charles Green eventually took the reigns at the Ibrox club last week, a decision was thought to be imminent from the remainder of the SPL club chairmen to end speculation about the role Rangers would play in Scottish football for the upcoming season.

However it now appears that the drama surrounding this case will not be spoken about until July 4th when a scheduled meeting is due to take place between the 12 clubs to decide Rangers future.

The SPL board have decided that there is issue to discuss and the application of registration for Rangers FC SPL share is top of the agenda and between now and then, there will be plenty of meetings between the chairmen and money men to argue the point for both sides of the coin about whether to allow Rangers FC back in or not.

There is also the confusion that it causes for other clubs to take into respect. SFL clubs are in limbo. Will Rangers FC need to apply for registration to the SFL if the SPL dismiss them? Clubs that have been relegated will need to prepare for re-promotion back up a division if that’s the case.

The implications for the whole of Scottish football could roll on for the whole of the summer but the incident has certainly shook the football world. Rangers in liquidation! World record holders for the most league championships in liquidation! If it could happen there, it could happen anywhere!

As it is, we still have another couple of weeks to wait for a decision so until then, it will be speculation upon leaked document upon rumour. Bring on the back stabbing and childish antics!

On the original note, ‘Club 12’, whoever they may be, will play their opening SPL fixture away to Kilmarnock on August 4th before making their home debut the following week against St Mirren.

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