Now you can support your beloved soccer team in new mobile social game.

– Mobi-net, the startup company which develops mobile games and programs for Android phones, has just released Soccer Champs UK, the unique social soccer game where you play and get points not for yourself but for your beloved soccer team.

The game is prepared for international community of football fans, who will be able to play in penalty shots competition and collect points for their teams or national representations. This is the unique point of the game- you play as a team supporter so that the team could become a Soccer Champs in the worldwide ranking of existing teams. The teams in the game are based on real, existing teams in different leagues and special sport events so the players will have no doubt whom they should support. The UK version is available now with other leagues to follow, including special edition for EURO Championships.
Soccer Champs has final date for season play just like in real word and the winner team of the season will be announced than. All the fans who played for the winning team will get a special congratulations and a memorable graphic. The season final date will be correlated to the model leagues. Different from other soccer games available now, in Soccer Champs you point with your phone accelerometer or joystick in the limited time space which will bring even more excitement to the game.
Moreover the game will be connected to Open Feint – the worldwide gamming community which gathers over 100 million users. It will give opportunity to compete with over players of the same team to become the biggest supporter of the team.

About Mobi-net
Mobi-net is statup company which delivers mobile games and applications for Android. It started as part of Academic Business Incubators in Lodz, Poland and has produced Tanibak application for Polish market to check gas prices.

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