DISSAN, Mali — By organizing youth football leagues in Dissan and the surrounding villages Little Eagles Football is promoting English language development as well as AIDS and HIV awareness.


Headed by Robbie Steller, in conjunction with African Sky, an all volunteer organization, the project has been heading up football functions in Southwest Mali since 2011.  By adjoining community and health education to the already pervasive values of football Little Eagles hopes to create a brighter and more educated future for the citizens of Mali.

“Les Petits Aigles Ligue du Football” as it is known, equips local children with knowledge in a variety of fields including gender issues, entrepreneurship, opportunity through education, HIV/AIDS awareness and basic English skills.  These clinics and seminars are directed at the youth, but are open to the entire community.

Teams are being established based on schools that the charity organization African Sky is connected to.  One team will be established per school that will compete in a 3 month season, bookended by opening and closing tournaments.

Most recently, Little Eagles ran a New Years tournament in Dissan that featured both boys and girls teams.  This had been the first girls tournament game to be played under the African Sky/Little Eagles heading.  The girls played barefoot to a 0-0 draw before penalties decided the outcome.

The organization has big goals on the horizon, hoping to hold international tournaments, expand age groups and obtain a sustainable funding source.  More information can be found at or donations can be made at the Little Eagles Cause Page


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